My Ex Left Me For Someone Else

If you were in a long-term relationship with your ex (longer than 6 months) and your ex has left you for someone else, then your ex basically monkey-branched from one relationship to the next.

He or she left you for someone new and unknown and now wants to make it work with that person.

But before you go knocking on your ex’s doors and asking for another chance, you need to collect your thoughts and remind yourself that your ex chose to leave for someone else.

He or she left for due to high attraction and won’t come back at least until his or her new relationship fails.

That’s why I urge you not to make a fool of yourself and avoid making any typical post-breakup mistakes.

Keep your pride and self-esteem and show your ex that his or her betrayal doesn’t affect you.

Do it to exude confidence and high self-esteem.

So if your ex left you for someone else and you’re wondering what you should do, this article will provide you with some clarity.

My ex left me for someone else

My ex left me for someone else. What do I need to know?

When your ex leaves you for someone else, it’s almost never a spontaneous decision.

This new person had likely been in the picture for days, if not weeks, prior to the day of the breakup.

He or she had probably been talking to your ex and getting to know your ex way before you even found out about him or her.

Maybe your ex even told you that you have “nothing to worry about,” that you’re being jealous for no reason.

But no matter what happened, your ex had been conversing with this new person and had basically been emotionally cheating on you.

And that’s why you really need to think about whether you want someone like your ex back.

Ask yourself whether your ex is even worth the wait and another chance—and if you can trust him or her again.

Think about what will happen if your ex breaks your heart again and leaves the second time.

These are the things you need to figure out while you’re following the rules of no contact.

Your ex devalued you and left for someone else

When your ex left you for someone else, he or she no longer loved you.

Your ex felt more attracted to someone else and decided to give it a shot with that person.

Your ex basically wanted to be in a relationship with someone else so badly that he or she couldn’t even end your relationship the right way.

That’s because your ex didn’t have it in him or her to do what’s right.

Your ex could have pulled back when he or she felt that he or she was starting to develop feelings for someone else.

But your ex didn’t.

Instead, your ex just went along with it until it was too late.

So if your ex left you for someone else, you need to consider your ex’s actions. Think hard about your ex’s relationship mentality and whether you can even forgive him or her.

Your ex had enough time to think about leaving you

Nobody makes an instantaneous decision to start dating someone new right away. Especially not when it comes to leaving for a complete stranger.

When your ex breaks up with you out of the blue, it means that proper attraction, feelings, and chemistry with another person has already been formed.

Taking a leap of fate would be crazy for your ex.

Your ex would never kick you to the curb if your ex wasn’t 100% sure that he or she could date this new person.

Normally, by the time an ex breaks things off, he or she is already officially in a new relationship. It’s called monkey-branching from one tree to another and it’s disrespectful and dishonest to be treated that way.

You need to know that your ex has basically emotionally checked out of your relationship without telling you, and probably even exchanged flirtatious messages with this new person.

Such a person is a low-integrity coward!

People will always show you what they think about you.

And the good thing about it is that you don’t even need to hear them speak to figure out their true intentions.

The same goes for your ex.

Actions speak for themselves, not words.

has my ex left me for someone else on impulse

Here’s an example.

Today, your girlfriend tells you that she loves you. The next day you catch her with your best friend and you find yourself utterly confused.

Her actions aren’t in line with her words.

So by observing a person’s actions, you can immediately tell what your ex feels about you.

You need to remember that actions cannot exist without a preconceived idea unless it’s something that’s done subconsciously as a part of a continuous pattern (habit, routine, etc).

So when your ex leaves you for someone else, you can be certain that your ex has thought about the decision long and hard.

It may be an emotional decision, but that’s only because your ex has connected to another person.

He or she has had more time than he or she needed to do the right thing and decide whether he or she loves you.

And that’s why we can say that in the end, your ex didn’t love you enough.

You were belittled

If your ex has left you for someone else, you got a hard slap in the face.

Now that your ex cheated on you, you most likely feel deeply hurt, sad, and angry.

But no matter how hurt you are, you must not act on impulse and hurt your ex back.

You must instead ask yourself, “Do I really want someone like this as my significant other?”

If the answer is yes, you must not beg and plead your ex to reconsider his or her relationship with you.

Insecure pleas will only fall on deaf ears and cause your ex to respect you even less.

You need to remember that your ex holds all the cards in your post-breakup predicament and that the only thing left for you to do is to accept the breakup and walk away with pride.

It’s okay if you feel a bit disrespected, belittled, and insignificant after your ex has cheated on you. You’re a human being with emotions after all.

It’s also okay if you tell your ex that you don’t want to be friends and that you are going to leave his or her life for a long time.

But no matter what you decide to do, please understand that it’s never okay to call your ex names or to plan revenge against your ex.

Retaliating in such a nasty way will make you as bad as your ex. Maybe even worse.

left for someone else

Inwardly, your ex might eventually want you to chase him or her.

That’s because your needy actions have the power to fuel his or her ego.

But don’t do it no matter what!

Once you learn that your ex is leaving you for someone else, announce to your ex that you are cutting him or her off.

Do this in a respectful way, of course, and take action right away.

Immediately go indefinite no contact and be prepared to stay in no contact forever.

I know you may not want to leave your ex alone forever and that never hearing from your ex again frightens you, but there is no other way.

No contact is the only way to regain your self-esteem and hopefully make your ex realize your worth in the long-run.

So if maximizing your chances of reconciliation is what you’re after, leave your ex alone and focus on you.

Do it even if you want to stay friends with your ex because you first need to heal and recover.

30 days NC? 

You’ve probably seen internet sites that promote the 30-day no-contact rule.

The thinking here is that you go no contact for 30 days and then message your ex with positive memories from your days together.

Proponents of this 30-day no contact rule claim that it will help your ex reconsider his or her relationship with you.

But the truth is that if you follow this 30-day no contact strategy, you’ll likely only push your ex further away.

Thirty days is not nearly enough time for your ex to miss you or to appreciate how you constituted to his or her life.

So avoid additional heartbreak and stay in no contact indefinitely!

More like 30 years!

You must be prepared to go no contact for as long as it takes for your ex to reach out to you.

This is especially true if your ex left you for someone else and disrespected you beyond belief.

When your ex leaves you for someone else, you need to take a giant step backward and realistically assess your situation.

You need to realize that your ex decided that he or she had no future with you.

And to make it sound even worse, you were cheated on—which is the emotional equivalent of a sucker punch.

Your ex’s actions have shown you that he or she sees no relationship value in you anymore.

So please remember that you shouldn’t tell your ex that you are invaluable by breaking the no contact rule and reaching out.

You will only send your ex a message that he or she can treat you horribly and that you’re coming back for more.

This is why you need to maintain no contact at all costs.

Yes, no contact is difficult and there might be days that you think it’s impossible.

But know that it’s not impossible. Thousands if not millions of dumpees such as yourself are following this rule.

So you can as well.

Indefinite no contact actually the only way to gain back your self-respect that your ex has destroyed on the day of the breakup.

That’s why you now need to focus on healing from the breakup and demonstrating to your ex that you will not allow yourself to be treated in such a disrespectful way ever again.

And while you’re recovering in no contact, remember that your ex has no value to you unless he or she reaches out to you first.

Do you really want your ex back?

You now know that when your ex leaves you for someone else, your value significantly drops.

The truth is that to your ex, you become just another person who wants him or her desperately.

And this is one of the reasons why your ex doesn’t want you back.

But that’s okay!

What truly matters is that your opinion of yourself stays the same.

Have you ever heard of the phrase, “How you treat yourself, others will treat you?”

Basically, when you disagree with your ex and believe in your own worth, your mental state will not be negatively affected.

By staying in this self-respectful state by walking away from an ex that left you for someone else, you scream of “badassitude” and high confidence.

I know it can be excruciatingly painful to feel easily replaceable by this other person.

You might even be thinking to yourself, “He is so much better than me. He has a better job, a nicer car, and is more outgoing.”

You’re either thinking that this person is better—or perhaps the opposite – that he or she is worse.

You could be thinking that she’s uglier, has no friends and neglects her kids.”

If this is what you’re doing, know that it’s “normal” to compare yourself to this new person.

And even though it’s normal, it’s completely pointless.

You have absolutely nothing to gain by comparing yourself to someone who’s not even competing with you.

You need to realize that what you see and hear about your ex’s new partner is mostly superficial.

It takes 4 – 6 months to get to know a person. And that’s why it will take your ex just as long to see if they are compatible.

If a shiny car and a great job were all it took to stay happily married, there would be no divorces.

Take a look at rich people for example. Most of them have been divorced countless times already.

breakup old better than new

When you are left and “replaced” by someone else, your ex knows absolutely nothing about that person.

He or she is starting from scratch again, hoping that he or she won’t regret his or her decision.

It’s essentially a gamble.

Most people aren’t meant for each other, so finding the right person is a lot harder than it seems.

About 80% of couples don’t work out, and your previous relationship is proof of that.

You need to know that if you eventually reconcile with your ex, you will basically be starting a new relationship with your ex.

But before you start a new relationship, you need to wait long enough for your ex dumper to learn a lesson and respect you again.

It’s the only way for your relationship to have a proper shot.

Will my ex want me back?

If you were a nice person and lived to contribute to your ex’s happiness, chances are that your ex will come back around.

Just because your ex left you for someone else, doesn’t mean that the same or something worse can’t happen to your ex ex.

As a matter of fact, your ex could come running back for validation and all the wrong reasons you can think of.

The only problem with this is that so very few dumpers actually learn their lesson and improve their shortcomings.

Dumpers are often too selfish and caught up in their own world to realize their mistakes.

And if they have an epiphany, they still expect forgiveness even after they’ve hurt their fellow dumpees.

Some dumpers really go out of their way to make their dumpees suffer as if they were the ones who dumped their exes.

In those extreme situations, dumpees get to see what their ex is made of and notice their ex’s true colors.

Anyway, once the dumper has run out of hatred and relief, he or she normally begins to regret his or her malicious actions.

Guilt takes over the dumper and the dumper suddenly avoids all contact with the dumpee.

The dumper does this because he or she is badly ashamed of his or her past demeanor.

Some dumpers with a bad conscience on their minds oftentimes reach out in the form of a breadcrumb and ask their dumper to be forgiven so that they can move on from what they destroyed.

So when your ex has left you for someone else, he or she has to first forgive himself or herself before attempting to patch things up with you.

Knowing what your ex has done to you can feel painful. The amount of guilt on your ex’s shoulders can be overwhelming, hence why it’s very difficult to fix a relationship after something as serious as cheating.

After committing such a horrible crime, a lot of people run for the mountains rather than attempting to repair what’s broken.

I suppose they don’t have it in them to fix what they’ve broken.

Why do dumpers come back?

Many dumpers come back.

But as we’ve mentioned earlier, they come back for the wrong reasons – themselves.

Some exes come back when their rebound relationship fails horribly or when they get treated despicably by their new partners and life.

When they come running back, you need to keep your guard up though.

They usually return to ease their anxiety and make themselves feel stronger.

And since they’re suffering, they usually choose to run back to the person closest to them romantically.

Normally after something bad has happened, dumpers utter their regret and sorrow and expect to be healed by the dumpee.

So if you were the dumpee, your ex could come running back to you because you were the only person who stayed in love with your ex until the very end.

But you need to remember that when you were in pain, your ex was nowhere to be seen.

He or she was enjoying his or her life without you and dating whomever he or she wanted to.

And now that your ex’s ego is hurting, he or she came back to you expecting you to heal him or her.

So if your ex wants you back and you let your ex walk back in, it’s very possible that he or she is going to do the exact same thing again after his or her heart has fully healed.

Consider it a warning from me.

breakup giving dynamics

If you consider human behavior to stem from selfishness, you will understand that exes always come back to take from you, and not to give.

This means that if you want to be happy, you will need your ex to give his or her best and invest in you.

It’s the only way to make your ex connect to you again.

So make your ex work extra hard for you so that he or she learns to appreciate you again.

When your ex leaves you for someone else and he or she comes back, you must also show incredibly high self-esteem by setting new rules and standards.

Set them so high that the dumper is going to be incredibly challenged again.

How do I get back with an ex that’s left me for someone else?

I deliberately left the best for the last, because I know everyone wants their ex to come back at least for validation purposes.

So if you’re wondering how to get your ex back after he or she has left for someone else, the answer is validation.

When you don’t seek validation from your ex and are instead strong and confident in your own abilities, you can make your ex doubt his or her decision about leaving you.

When you remain strong and show your ex that you don’t need him or her to be happy, it can play with your ex’s mind and coincidentally make him or her crave your intimacy again.

But for that to happen, your ex’s new relationship has to fail first. And also, your emotional state has to improve tremendously.

That’s because living life happily is the best thing you can do for your ex as well as for yourself.

I know it can feel incredibly painful to pull the no contact rule off successfully when you were left for someone else, so it’s okay to cry.

Do it away from your ex when you’re alone and get it out of your system.

Grieving in front of your ex, however, is going to make your ex feel guilty. And that’s not the kind of emotion you want to stir up in your ex.

Your ex will feel bad about it for a minute or two, but if you continue to show weakness, that guilt is going to turn into validation and a boost of self-esteem.

So if your ex cheated on you and left you for another person, he or she is most likely going through the 6 stages of a rebound relationship.

Because your ex thinks that someone new is better suited for him or her, you must agree with the breakup and stay far away from your ex forever.

Show your ex that he or she is not worthy of your love and attention and that you are not waiting around for your ex to change his or her mind.

You can do this by taking the attention off your ex and show your ex that you won’t be his or her back-up plan.

No contact is powerful

When you follow no contact, you indirectly make your ex’s partner the main and only priority.

Why is this good you ask?

If you don’t do this, your ex is going to think that he or she can get back with you any time and every time.

Your ex will assume that you want him or her back and that all he or she has to do is snap his or her fingers.

Call it tricky if you will, but your ex must not think that you still want him or her.

People don’t want what they can have. They secretly want to fight for something they really want—and so does your ex.

Unknowingly, your ex wants that which he or she can’t have—so you must become “unobtainable.”

By staying away, you allow the laws of the universe to do its magic.

You might not realize it, but leaving your ex alone slowly helps you detach from your ex and hopefully makes your ex realize your worth again.

You need to understand that your detached state is the most attractive state to be in when it comes to getting your ex back.

That’s because your ex will respect you more when you allow him or her to do as he or she pleases.

What if I don’t want my ex back then?

You probably still will.

The time in no contact will either help you detach completely or continue making you want your ex back.

But only to a lesser degree.

Since breakups are so hard they could kill you, you will likely want what you can’t have.

You will crave your ex’s love and attention so that you can get a boost of happy hormones and feel empowered again.

This means that your ex-addiction is likely going to stay alive for quite a while.

And if you by some chance realize that you don’t want your ex back because your ex has treated you terribly after the breakup, then it’s probably for the best.

You must do what’s best for you and your future even if it means leaving your ex in the past.

Defense is the best offense

Now you know that there is nothing you can directly do to get back with an ex that’s left you for another person.

This doesn’t, however, mean that there is no work to be done.

There is always something to work on in no contact. Whether it’s correcting your shortcomings, making new friends, getting a better job, participating in more activities, or doing anything that moves your life in a positive direction, there’s always something for you to do.

This post-breakup time certainly isn’t the time to stay still and wait for things to change.

By all means, grieve and do what it takes to be able to function normally again.

But once you’re back on your feet, get out there again and start living your life.

Don’t just sit at home and waste your precious time.

Staying on the move will make you feel alive again—and your ex will see that.

So always remember to stay busy so that you get over your ex as quickly as possible and maximize your chances of reconciliation.

Has your ex left you for someone else? Comment below.

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  1. My ex and I have had feelings for the last 6 years…he ended up getting married and just recently in December got divorced. We started talking, and of course I’m sure he was going out with people to soften the divorce blow. Then he reached out to me…we rekindled those feelings that we’ve had for each other and started going down a path for 5 months, even though it was long distance, most of the time has always been long distance. We made every effort on the phone and I traveled to see him more because my job allows me to work from anywhere. We’ve never had a disagreement or argument….always able to talk about anything. Then suddenly he needed to take a step back and figure himself out, who he is, issues with his kids, issues with family…which lead to very limited contact. Of course my insecurities took over and I texted him a bunch instead of giving him space. Then suddenly I got a text that he was sorry he led me on and that he wasn’t ready. And on the same day posted he was “in a relationship” with the person he was dating before me. Being in disbelief, he proceeded to text me a couple days later to say that he knew he was wrong and that he loved me & that he knows I love him, but that I didn’t deserve his f*cked up head and apologized. Now I’m left with, because of our long standing connection, was I the rebound?? Is the ex a rebound?? After my many texts from being blindsided by all of this, I am now doing no contact….4 weeks in. With lots of reading, I’m now realizing he had many unresolved internal issues & I think the other person allowed him to escape to someone without dealing with his issues. Still the whole thing makes no sense to me…probably never will. Where do I go from here??? Continuing no contact…..

  2. I need help! Please….
    I was recently dating a man / seeing him for over 6 months since the beginning of December. I was loyal and I guess the miscommunication was he wasn’t then he chose me over the other after a few weeks of us hanging out and we were basically loyal then later January we were initially dating by mid March, we broke up during covid … I have two girls 9 and 4 me and this guy are both 26. We still talked he seemed to care but just couldn’t deal with the stress And we had trust issues from stuff he’s done I guess, he party’s a lot! End of April beginning of May he moves back and we just connect! My girls and I spent weeks with him out on the ranch. We made so many great memories and were really falling for each other holding each other all night talking laughing and he was just really trying and caring. We’ve had our issues but thought we worked through them. I left last week thinkjng he wanted space he said no i sont I’m trying I want you, I cried and he held me and I said I just feel like I’m going to lose you either way and he said I won’t. I got my girls in the car and went to leave he tried to hug kiss me goodbye but I was feel ling off and just hugged him then I messaged him later like I’m going through stuff eith my ex (baby daddy) don’t mean to seem off and take it out on you, of course I only want you babe. He was distant didn’t reply til the next day then said yes he wanted space. Then we talked on the phone and he said he wanted me and all this when I asked him what happened and so we both agreed to work on our ends and I’d go out tomorrow for Canada day. I texted him abit Canada day but seen he was constantly active the same time on Facebook as this old friend I used to have Mel who lives closer to him our towns are all super close it’s like one community but she’s where he is too. I had a gut feeling maybe they were talking… didn’t let it eat to much he was texting me we were gonna spend the night together and things would be great. I’m about to leave after getting food ready to cook for him and texting him and he randomly texts me can I just come there and stay and it seemed weird. I said sure and we carried abit of conversation eventually I said hurry up I wanna hug you and massage you. Then he sent the heartbreaking text that he’s leaving … I drove out there and he was just so sure when 3 days ago this was what he wanted. So I asked if there someone else he lied…. I then eventually said I heard you hungout with this girl…. he said no… I asked to see messages for peace of mind he declined it was then I knew I then made a speech and then he admitted it and he was leaving me for her, and I just broke hyperventilating crying he kept saying how sorry he was she’s more his person outdoorsy and such , and he’s gonna miss my girls and especially my littlest and he cried. That they can still come out and see him and his dog… like how!? He said these things happen all the time, and I said what cheating leaving people, idc if they happen! You’re supposed to be better than that, how dare you hurt my girls and me, you’re supposed to sit and not give into temptation when people message you or you message them. My friends came and got me I was too distraught to drive. He asked to hug me and we kissed goodbye. The next day I drove out to get my things and when I walked through the door he looked at me and tried touching my hand to say sorry and my phone beeped I read his text, Do you hate my guts? I feel awful, I really hope you’re doing okay. I looked at him like fuck this with tears in my eyes walked to the bathroom and started grabbing my things we followed me to keep saying I’m sorry and I care and I just said no you don’t you do this and my gf walked in and I said I can’t so yhis we grabbed the rest of my things and so forth more conversation happened… More sorrys, and I’ll pay ya for this, and when I went to leave he asked for a hug I said no walked out but then told my gf I had to hug him once more, I walked in said his name and his arms were just open, we embraced and just started crying and he started crying my girlfriend walked in as if you tell him this woman did everything for you and would’ve did anything you’re losing something and someone no would walk the earth for you, you’re losing someone good and crying he said I know. I told him I’ll miss him so much and he said he’d miss me too, he then said he’s so sordy and he cares and I just let go and said you don’t do this and he said my name and I wa alike it’s alright it’s fine. We left. He texted me hours later because my ex and his gf waited for him outside coopers and he felt bad that this girl was talking so much crap about me so he proceeds to say he’s so fucking sorry and to have someone with me at all times. (Whilst he was texting me that he had started texting my gf who came out with me and that to take care of me he’s worried he’ll always be there for me I deserve better she obviously said her two cents and he said there’s things She’s done that are questionable too and he didn’t cheat, so she texted him again to say getting your dick sucked and even responded to messages and hanging out is cheated, this girl will be fine I’ll take care of her. Then I was upset he was trying to make light of it to her so we got into our feelings and he just kept saying he’s so fucking sorry and feels shitty and so done feels like having a melt down then said he’s been in and out of tears fighting with this new girl and he feels so bad, then eventually says he hurts for me I know you won’t believe it but I hurt so much for you more than I thought possible. But then that’s just it. I said see you won’t be able to be there for me or anything I just wish I was enough I wish you felt more for me. No response. I was in the town that night which is 25 mins over having dinner with my boss and her boyfriend walks in saying he saw that girl out on the field with him. So they’ve spent every night together since two days before we left me I don’t see how he can feel bad hold me and cry constantly and then be okay. I want him back. She’s stolen men before she’s not that great of a person and it upsets me he’s doing this. She was the last one to see his cousin alive so I’m sure that’s a connection she’s making and living out a fantasy cause of his last name. But she knew we were together! I messaged her last week. I just don’t knkw what to do, I want him back. The way we look at each other and laugh and hold each other and talk… I thought our souls connected l, my girl’s loved him. I know it was a rocky 6-7 months but the last few had been amazing we really fell, so I thought and I guess he lied maybe idk? But anyone can find a new spark and it be enticing, those don’t last… what do I do? I want him 🙁 will no contact work deactivating social accounts or looking happy on social and no contact?

    1. He told me he’d miss all our memories and like he cried a lot I’ve never seen him cry both Wednesday night and Thursday morning when I was there and kept trying to touch my hands and touch me

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  4. I was left by my partner ( who is 20 years younger than me) for a girl at work who was 25 years younger than myself ouch… we were ‘seeing ‘ each other for over 3 years, started casual then he met my kids, wed buy each other Xmas / birthday gifts but it never was official! Occasionally I’d ask ‘what are we’ ? When I’d get asked out by men nearer my age, that I liked. He always said he was happy and in his mind we were in a relationship. Then out of the blue a girl from work started calling him excessively whilst he was in my home, he’d reply to her messages but still seemed ok. Because of our unofficial status I didn’t make a fuss, then unexpectedly he said he felt he was holding me back and wanted me to meet someone more appropriate. I was upset but found out a week later he was in a new relationship, I stupidly sext him cause I missed him and he boldly told me he’d moved on and was happy…. I was obviously hurt and upset, especially when the girl had great pleasure finding me on Facebook to send me a warning to keep away… he didn’t hear from me again after that. Occasionally I’d sneak a peak at his Facebook and feel upset as he’d have a profile picture of them together on his page… he’d never wanted anyone to know about us. So I decided I’d never sneak a peak agsjn and moved on. Dated a few guys , I didn’t click with any but I had a really enjoyable half a year… eventually his mum reached out and said he wasn’t happy and had admitted he regularly looked at my insta and Facebook account to see how I was…. I explained I’d got over him and was happy and wished him well. He finished with the girl and immediately messaged me, apologising saying how much he missed our friendship and would be happy if he could at least be friends again… we spoke online but I kept away for a month… we met and it was like we’d never been apart… except he explained this time he would take me seriously and never take me for granted. We’ve been back together nearly 16 months, we’ve been on holiday and been in each other’s families lives… but I won’t lie! I love him but the only advice I can give is until he is faced with the same scenario ( gets close to someone he finds attractive ) but he turns them down, then I cant’t say that he’s changed and I don’t trust him…. which is sad cause I trusted him before

    1. Sounds similar to me. I split up with my ex husband 7 years ago after 15 years together, but in November last year he became homeless & we was getting on really well so I let him stay with me. We became close again & we began seeing each other & sleeping together again. I was happy as I only left him due to a violent episode which was caused by stress & mental health issues. Saying that I left him, I actually said I just want a break to get my head around what had happened & I still loved him. He decided to get with someone after 3 months. I was heartbroken. Anyway back to us seeing each other again, we was both very open to everyone about what happened to cause the break up so maybe this was why he was so secretive about our new relationship. He would never label it. Never have me as a friend on social media either, which made me feel like a secret. I did ask him what he said to his friends about me & he just said that he told them that we were sleep together & if he wanted to be in a proper relationship he would only want me, so in my eyes I felt like we was a couple. Anyway he has been very distant in the last month & told me it’s his mental health & to just get with someone normal & blocked me on everything. I gave him space & waited for him to text me & he messaged me saying I bet you are seeing someone else already. I replied no I had gone to bed which was true. The next day I hoped that we can make up but he blows me out again saying he has plans. He then doesn’t text me for a few evenings as though he has company so stupidly I mentioned that has he met someone else. He replied here we go again. Today I see him and go to cuddle him, he pushes me away and says we are friends & that is it after my last episode. I left and now he says don’t hate me & I will see you tomorrow. He hasn’t denied seeing someone else but he did tell me that he was going home then didn’t. I’m so confused & upset.

    1. Me, I am in that situation. But, it works for me. No phone calls; just texts. She rambles with long messages. I send simply single word replies. Nothing mean. Nothing hateful. I’ve moved on. She’s bi-polar and screams often over trivial stuff. I haven’t found another woman yet and not in a hurry to either. I want to show my kids that they’re the important ones first in my life. Still, when that special person does show up, it will kind of slam the door on the option for my Ex to re-enter my life. Seriously, I have more on. ‘Act like an adult.’ And, still, what’s best is I don’t have to listen. She complains; I turn and walk away. She has no power over me. She can’t control who, what, or where I go. Things get done on my time. Not her’s. And, lastly, before I forget, I don’t speak bad about her to my kids. There’s no point. They’ll come to their on conclusions when they’re old enough. Also, I figure there’s enough family members on her side that will set the record straight. I have no regrets. Well, I do have one regret. It’s not seeing my babies grow from day to day and the close bonding that I could have with them. But, this is beyond my control. I faithfully pay my support and spoil them to no end when they’re with me. Maybe, in some ways, parenting is a competition on my part, so this, I guess, is a mistake by me; but, that “We have to parent together” lecture is pretty much off of my vocabulary. I guess I should also add: the pictures. That is, pictures of events that I and no longer part of. I have to pretend to smile looking at holiday photos that the kids want to show me of the new family dynamic. “It is what it is.”

  5. Hi
    I met one of his female friends one day and we played games together. And one day I started talking to one of them about our relationship and our issues and I also told her stuff about me feeling insecure and that some of people I knew left me and she kept asking me things about my life and all without even telling me to stop. After that my ex boyfriend tells me that she told him everything and he got super mad and hurt cause of that. Days passed and he still was upset, I apologized a few times telling him im so sorry for the issue thats been caused and that I shouldn’t have talked to any of his friends about us or him and i. After that he wants to break up with me and stay apart and be friends and I notice that he tells his female friend everything and shows her convos. I started texting her and telling her that what she has done wasn’t okay and she kept being mean and rude to me, my ex called me that time and messaged me and told me to stop reaching out at her and leave her alone because I involved her (when she basically in the first place involved herself in the whole thing) and that he will block me if I wont stop. So I told him that he can do whatever he wants because he indeed doesn’t love me, if he did he would forgive me right away. She started even telling me stuff like “didn’t your best friend leave you? ; didn’t your boyfriend leave you?; i still have all my friends and i still have my boyfriend” and i showed him what she said and he blocked me right away on instagram and even showed her what I sent to him.
    I feel betrayed and cheated emotionally on, I barely can move on from this , I did my best to make up to him and make him feel better, I did drawings for him, I bought stuff for him (he did too).
    I don’t know what changed him but i feel like this is a sort of manipulation coming from her , trying to steal my ex boyfriend and blaming everything on me.

  6. Hello Zan,

    You’ve been very helpful to me with my recent emails and I’m reading your articles daily…..some over and over. But I have a similar situation to John it sounds like. I’m trying so hard to wrap my brain around choosing to leave for someone – allowing a love to die with no effort to move onto someone else. I think I would have some understanding in an unloving relationship where there is intolerable behavior. But not in a relationship where the dumper admitted to feeling very love and supported.

    You told John the following about his ex leaving for someone – “Her feelings for the other guy basically convinced her that she feels attracted to him so she consequently, almost immediately stopped feeling love toward you.“. Happened in my case. But how can someone turn it off – stop loving someone? In my case he has hurt and betrayed me. My mind is flooded every minute with memories and pain. I wish I could just turn it off. How does someone who leaves for someone else stop loving their partner? How do they carry on with someone else without their brains being invaded by the relationship they just left?

  7. Hi Zan,

    Thanks for a wonderful article and an insight for heartbroken people like me.

    Me and my ex were together for over 3 years. We worked at same office and belongedto different cultures. He is a Muslim and I’m a Hindu. But inspite of that we had a great time together and bonding too. Never had any fights too due to cultural differences. I was deeply in love with him and he too.

    In Oct 2018 when his parents fixed up a proposal for him he broke up with me saying he can’t go against his family wishes. Though he loved me he didn’t mention about me to his parents and got engaged with the girl of their choice.

    Post engagement to he kept in touch with me for around 7 months since he was not allowed to talk his fiancee. I too was hoping that we would get back together. But after 7 months he started talking to his fiancee but told me that he still loved me.

    When his marraige date got fixed i limited contact with him since there was no action from his end towards we getting together. He got married last month and Im not happy with what has happened.

    Though Im in a better state but not completely over him.

    Can my case be said that my ex left me for somebody else ? I wonder today if he ever loved me ? We were together for almost 3.5 years ? How could he just get married and move on…

    Please advice on this Zan

    1. It may be fate that I got on here. I was in a long term relationship and things fell apart when she left me for another on June of 2018. The recovery phase is long and hard. It’s great to know I had a few inquiries from my mostly the dogs while I never reply back because I chose to stay and fought on their behalf.

      The reason people do what they do is usually on their behalf. I realized I had change myself a lot for the other person and I’m glad this had happen. I still think about her once in a while like now about how she’s doing because I’m starting to recover in a way I can put myself in status of Self-Partner. I can lay in bed and don’t feel bad about it because it’s comfortable and I love it.

      I believe you will find your way and the universe will come in wonderful surprising way.

      Keep reading as I have today to find this article and find you. I have done things spontaneously like how and who I always am like flying to NYC to my favorite restaurant or to Disney World in Florida where I have never been and see my cousin who I have not seen in 26 years since we were kids. It was a blast!

      Seek a therapist if needed. Call your best friends! Cry your eyes out! Let out like how we were as a kid. Some odd reason. It makes us feel better like how kids are. Love it! We will have our days and it’s okay. Keep moving forward. There are only 29200 days in our lifetime if we live to 80.

      Find your purpose and meaning. Others who share your view will come together.

      I realize my purpose finds meaning in service to others. While this takes a lot of my mental energy, I learned to understand to service to myself is also important.

      As such, I’m fulfilled being self-loved.

      I truly hope the best in your journey. Cheers!

  8. Hi Zan,

    I’m currently going through this. I had a relationship with my ex on and off for 3 years. I am 11 years older than him and I literally fed him, gave him a house to stay, fed his dogs, send money to him while he is away and we are off and while he is with girls. He doesn’t have a work and is violent when he drinks alcohol. We almost had a son. We’ve been through hell, we fight and we make up. In those 3 years I never felt loved but only abused and used, physically, emotionally and financially. Because of all the things he did to me, it is inevitable that I cried for help to his friends and told them how bad he treats me. Not a single thing in the house we lived in, he helped. After sometime he started looking for work and he did before holiday of 2019. After coming back from holiday come January 2020, I have seen every clue that he is seeing someone else. He tried so much to lied about it, but he is firm that we are no longer in a relationship. I accepted it but I ask that he should look for a place sooner, he said don’t worry he has started looking. I asked him for only one condition, not to bring the girl at my place. Although he had lied so much about it, and that he is looking for a place with his guy workmate. I know in my intuition it is a woman. I told him one time I will randomly visit the house and warn him of his plans of bringing her at my place. I know he already did many times. I know everything in my house to the smallest detail. However, he is abusing me for looking after his dog. I love our dogs but I don’t want to be stuck in the house just for the dogs. When I told him he can’t make me petsit his dogs he thinks I’m manipulating him. Fast forward after 3 weeks. I got home and caught them having sex at my place. He hid her in the wardrobe, I called the police but the woman is lucky enough to escape. I came to the point that regardless if his dog just gave birth barely a week ago, I have to involved the police for him to be out, because what they did to me is too much. After a few days I called to ask jf he is doing ok, I sent him a message and he replied back nicely. That is why I called, but all I hear is that where am I in the last 3 days. He was saying this new woman was there for him, and I was calling because I want him back and he is very arrogant to say that he will bring any woman at my place if he wants to, so I ask if he ever help me pay the rent or bills. He then started blaming me as always, that he has changed and that I don’t take responsibility. All the responsibility he should’ve done I took it. I paid all the damages in the house, in my car and now struggling to get a new phone and tv. I know much to the point that when he know that he is at fault he will shout and blame me for everything to the point that I will say sorry which he should be the one. He get angry too that I and his dad are using our still birth son to make him think what he did is nowhere right. I never told him about our son, but his dad did. He hate that his dad never condone him and that everybody thinks he is a bad person. We all know he has mental issues but I’m still here willing to help him regardless of what he did to me. I know there are times I mothered him, and that is because he always get into trouble and always check who he is talking to because of his previous cheating. Reading your blog makes me stop to try and contact him again. I do remember he keeps on telling me that I used his innocence and I buy his love and best of all that I can’t live without him.
    And calling him, is because I just want to get back to him and manipulate him again. As for now I’m firm with no contact. I sent him a message that I forgave him, hoping he will forgive me too, and I know I will meet him again someday when the guilt and hatred is gone. Giving him a chance to think that despite of what had happened. I never harbour any ill feelings towards him. For now my focus is to stop myself from contacting him in any form and proving to him his thoughts of are me all wrong. I know I should not seek validation from him, but it is better than making him feel like he still has control over me. From now on I control myself and no amount of harsh words from him can put me down. I have planted a good seed and I know I will reap them later.

    Jessica (Not my real name)

  9. Hi Zan, sorry if my English is not very good but I have been wondering: Do dumpers take a duel when they leave us for someone? Or do not have time?

    I wonder because I was in a 7-year relationship, and yes there were significant changes and we should have talked about it, in fact, I told him and he told me things like: after a while the sexual activity goes down but it doesn’t mean i don’t love you. In fact, in the last months I said: “We are falling apart! We must talk.” I also noticed the typical things of an unfaithful but I guess I didn’t want to see or do i trust on him.

    He left me in October with pretexts of stress in his work, that he wanted some time alone, that he thought we should be alone for a season (something he was already telling me for months). The problems rise in tone when I already demanded that we commit or go to live together. Everyone told me that it sounded like he had someone else but nobody really had told me anything until a few days ago people from my family who saw him with someone when I went on a trip, or that in his work it is rumored (and i later confirmed) that he was dating someone very similar to me (the work where I encouraged him to be, I got him contacts, I supported him, we got involved and that’s how he paid me) and a cousin has seen him leave his street early with her new chick in the car (my mother is very conservative and she never allowed me to stay with him at nigth). No one has seen him in public places with her and he told me the last time we talk that he did not want to date anyone, that he wanted to be alone, that he had left me because of my strong character/nature , that i leave him to miss me.

    Although I am interested, I think that after learning about the betrayal that I did not deserve because I had given everything to him, I encouraged him to get along with his family, to study, to trust in himself, I got him contacts and all that … I don’t see him the same. Also, when I stopped idealizing it, I realized that maybe he compared myself in the last time with the new chick and asked me to have implants and things like that (which I always refused). Yes, maybe i looked a bit disheveled when i was with him but i didn’t get compliments from him and we didn’t go out anymore. Now I changed my hair, put on nails, dressed well to look good and i know that i attract looks.

    But my doubt is that: Do they grieve? I begged him to try and he didn’t want to, he left without telling the truth (and with many lies behind). Did they have their duel? (People say that maybe he had been thinking about it before but … I remember the talks before his change in last May and he still wasn’t that far away).

    Oh, and he blamed me for everything. He told me: “why didn’t you take care of us this relationship. I waited 7 years for you to change”. Man, I almost cleaned his ass and I was the one who didn’t care for the relationship. 🙃.

    At the beggining of january i made a comment with a person who knows us (my mistake) that it seemed that the separation had not affected him because he was going out a lot with friends. That person told him and another person told me that he said it was something that resonated him and was outraged and after that he thought we could not return (in that time i did not knew about the infidelity).

  10. Dear Zan,

    I have found your blog an immense blessing & help to me. I’ll donate as well because you are helping so many people. Here’s my story.

    I began dating a woman named “Sue” (name changed for privacy) in April of 2017. We broke up for a week or so three times since that time (& both of us did it). However, we always talked it over & moved ahead. We did not live together (I’m 53 & she is 48 & both of us met years after our divorces). Here’s where it gets odd. She would hug me as I would leave, tell me she loves me, then as I’m driving home I’d receive texts where she would start making accusations & cutting me off totally out of the blue. This happened over & over. I was dumbfounded because it never occurred when we were face to face.

    Then in late December of 2019 I broke up with her again after one of these episodes of her telling me she loved me then 2 hours I receive texts accusing me of all sorts of things. It felt like I was dealing with two different people because these accusations were never made to my face, only via texts once I would leave her place & they never made any sense. Anyhow, we got back together again in early January of 2020 & spent are usual weekends together. On Sunday morning, January 19th I made her breakfast after a fun night together (she brought me a love note & gift that weekend as well). She left my condo hugging me & saying, “I love you so much, you’re the best man I have ever had”. Nine hours later she called to tell me she met up with a guy & that they had kissed & she was ending it with me.

    This was a woman who touted her honesty to me for 33 months. She was the last person I ever expected to cheat. How can someone make love to you, give you a love note, a gift, tell you you’re the best man etc. etc. then kiss another man on the same day? I even gave her flowers that weekend & she texted me 4 hours before she met this man saying quote “Thank you baby for the great weekend & lovely flowers, I love Youuuuuuuu!”

    After she called I told her it was over & hung up. The next day, Monday January 20 she started sending texts saying she loved me (along with her photo. In fact, she always sent her photos every day with her texts, sometimes I’d receive 5-12 photos of her per day & I never quite understood this. Oddly, she would not allow me to take her photo when we were together. But every day she’d send me selfies & as I said, sometimes 10 or more per day.). Tuesday night, January 22 we talked on the phone & she told me she didn’t want to lose me. Then the next day, on Wednesday, January 22 she told me quote “I kissed another man & have lost all attraction for you, it’s over”. I was stunned. She was changing her mind by the hour as usual.

    Then I did what you advise not to do (I wish I had found your site prior!). I left a one page letter in her mailbox stating what she did was despicable. I did not call her names, I only stated her actions were disgusting & that I was hurt. I also told her that honest people never cheat & that she destroyed 33 months of trust. I then emailed the man she kissed the day she left my condo (he owned his own business & she told me the name & I sent an email to him via that route). I just told him to be careful dating her & that she’s not what she appears & I told him she was with me during the morning of the day they met up. That was stupid of me so I sent him a brief apology once I calmed down (I never was mad at him, he had no idea what she was doing. I was actually trying to protect him from the same fate as I had suffered. I also sent “Sue” a brief apology letter & have now gone “No contact” after finding your blog. I just wish I had gone “No contact” the day she texted “I kissed another man & lost all enthusiasm for us” (after texting “I love you & feel bad about what I did” 6 hours prior).

    Second, she has not contacted me in any form since the last text saying, “I kissed another man & lost all enthusiasm for us” which was 9 days ago. Prior to all of this she texted me about 20-30 times a day plus phone calls.

    In short, I guess I messed up but I was so hurt & never expected this person to cheat. I never saw any signs & that’s why I flipped. I also had never had a woman cheat on me…ever & I didn’t know how to process it. However, I have gone full “no contact” and did send the apology to her for contacting her new boyfriend & for acting out in anger in my letter to her that I mentioned earlier where I called out her actions as “despicable”. She never replied.

    I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.


    1. Hi John.

      Thank you for the comment and your contribution.

      Your ex-girlfriend seems bipolar to me. One moment she’s happy and lovey-dovey and the next when circumstances change, she shows you her fangs.

      She told you she loved you in person when she was alone with you, but when you weren’t there, she most likely texted other guys and felt attracted to them too. If she weren’t doing this behind your back, she would never have lost attraction for you and attached to someone else.

      Please note that when your relationship was coming to an end, her loving actions toward you had a purpose. They aimed to soothe her guilt for having feelings for this person, so she never meant what she said.

      That’s why you shouldn’t see her last texts as loving, but rather as an attempt to alleviate her bad conscience.

      Now that she cheated, you mustn’t make any more post-breakup mistakes. You need to stay in NC and let her date this guy peacefully.

      Only time will tell what happens to their relationship and if she ever wants you back.

      I suggest that you don’t stick around and hope that she does. You have plenty of work to do on yourself.

      Kind regards,

      1. Hello Zan,

        Thank you for the prompt reply. I do have one final question. What made this so puzzling for me & hard to process was she acted no different toward me in anyway during our last time together than she did two years ago. I’ve been in relationships where you can sense the other person is pulling away, doing things differently like an ebbing tide. This was not the case. She was as affectionate in our last meeting before she met up with the man she cheated on me for as she was at any other time, both in words & affectionate acts. How can a person do that?

        However, being cheated on & lied to in this manner kills all attraction. Am I grieving? Yes, intensely.

        However, I have taken the road of 100% NC & feel good that my last contact with her was the apology for my angry letter (although having re-read it I never insulted her as person, only pointed out the behavior was despicable which it was.) We are not doormats & calling someone out for their willing disregard for basic decency is normal. That being said, I’m a fairly level minded person & will not break the NC. I will learn from this experience & at the moment, have no interest in dating & will NEVER use another person to ease the pain. That is deceit on every level. I’ll do the work, take 6+ months to be whole again while building the best self of me that I can.

        I’ll continue to follow your blog & support it. You are helping so many people!


        1. Hi John.

          I think that your ex attempted to stay loyal to you until she realized that she can’t fight her temptations. As a result, she did what she felt she wanted to do and cheated on you.

          It was easy for her to do that because of her mentality and a lack of self-restraint. Her feelings for the other guy basically convinced her that she feels attracted to him so she consequently, almost immediately stopped feeling love toward you.

          Stay in NC, John.

          Your ex has to learn her lesson the hard way with experience, so keep working on yourself and get over her.

          One day, when you’ve detached yourself and see her for what she’s done, you will care more about her poor behavior than her good characteristics.

          Stay strong and thank you for the support!

          Best regards,

  11. I was married for 30 years with 3 children and my wife left me out of the blue for someone we both knew years ago who had been going in to the store where she worked and she had been seeing behind my back for a mere 10 weeks, literally a few days before i only just kept my job as people were being made redundant at work and a few weeks earlier my eldest child tried to commit suicide.

    To make it worse she did this just 3 weeks before Christmas knowing how much i loved Christmas as we always made a big deal about it in our house, my eldest daughter had tried to commit suicide a few weeks before so when i questioned why my wife was acting differently towards me she blamed it on the suicide attempt which looking back is a vile thing to do.

    When i got together with my wife she was living with someone else and invited me round for coffee and things went from there which to make it worse is how she started her affair the only difference being that they didn’t meet for coffee in my house.

    I had always said to my wife because of how we got together that if ever she fell out of love with me to leave me and not cheat on me as that’s the one thing i couldn’t bare, this wasn’t something i had only said once i had said it continually throughout our marriage.

    Things haven’t exactly been smooth since she walked away from her life as if it didn’t even exist so much so that unfortunately i waited outside her works as i wanted answers to questions that my youngest daughter and myself had asked only to be ignored from her.

    Once she spotted my van she phoned in to work and got 2 men to act as bodyguards and walk her in to work which made me see red and to cut a long story short i ended up in a police cell for the night and was done for assault and have a 2 year restraining order against me as i grabbed her throat for a couple of seconds when she provoked me during the altercation that broke out.

    At 53 years of age it feels like my life is over as i have given my wife who was the only woman i have ever loved the best years of my life.
    I have lost 5kg in weight, i’m on antidepressants and my emotions are all over the place meaning one minute i’m sad and confused then the next i’m very angry.

    I have also found out that if i wanted to divorce my wife and i start the proceedings first it will cost me twice as much as it will cost her, how on earth is that right that someone can commit adultery and not have to pay all the court costs…how is that fair it just makes a complete mockery out of marriage.

    1. I’m so sorry for you. I’m going through a terrible and hurtful breakup very similar to yous. I’m suffering all of the emotions you mentioned, plus loneliness. It’s hell

    2. I am sorry you are going through this. I understand all your emotions. I am 53 y/o and was in a relationship for 10 years, and I met my boyfriend the same way. He was in a relationship and pursued me. I said the same thing to him about being honest and not cheating if one of us ever changed our mind. He was having an affair for months with a much younger girl at work. I questioned his actions/behavior as well because all the signs were there that something was not right. I knew in my heart something was up, however I had no proof. He up and left me right before the holidays as well. He will not talk to me or respond to any of my messages. I stopped trying. It is the most painful feeling and I still am not over it. I cannot stop thinking about him and I miss my life that we had together. It is a huge slap in the face knowing he left me for someone else, and that he does not care about me.

      For you, I am sure it is more painful because of a 30 year marriage with children. I wish you the best and I hope you find happiness.

  12. girfriend of 10 years broke up with me last august but we’re still living together until november..the month i found out she was having an affair with a co worker..she was still pretending to be my gf until november so i wouldnt find out about the affair..she said she just needed space because she’s been very dependent to me for so many years now..i gave her that space but we still continued to act as a couple without label..i knew something was off and i suspected that someone was in the picture however i ignored all the signs because i love her..i even confronted her about the other guy but she just told me that i am paranoid and that she just needs a little more time to find herself..
    When i opened my ig account i was shocked that she blocked me that’s why i went home and confronted her if she was seeing someone else..she admitted that she’s been with the guy since june and told me that we we’re not together anymore that month(but we broke up on aug)..after that confrontation she immediately kicked me out of her house like i was a piece of was the second time that she cheated..but every fuckin time she always chooses the other guy.i begged and i pleaded but she made up her mind..i’ve gone no contact for 2 weeks then went to her house to get my things only to find out that the guy she left me with was there in her house..she’s hiding at the other room so that i couldnt talk to her..she just told me to never come back to her house..she didnt even had the decency to pay me the huge amount of money she owed me..i was so devastated..i went into a psychologist..until now after 1month of no contact i still miss her and wishes that she would get back with me..but i saw the other guys social media and his dp was their couple broke me..but there’s nothing i can do..i did everthing to win her back..i did everything for her..but she chose the other guy..what should i do..she destroyed me..

    1. Your situation is similar to mine,i’ve been with my girlfriend for 6.5 years and she left me for one of her coworkers,discarding me like trash.
      In the first instance she was bitchy,calling me paranoid or jealous when i was considering she has someone new.During 8 months after breakup i tried to get back as not sure she’s cheating but when i found out the true i know deep in my heart is a lost cause.Love without trust does not exist.We still live together ,we manage to buy a house just before separaration but is for sale now.Just want to get out of this nightmare soon as i can and run away,never look back.Such persons don’t apreciate a thing,they’re very selfish ,narcisistic behaviour,make you suffer like hell.
      Hope we find peace in our hearts soon.
      God bless.

      1.’s almost a month now from my post..last week i saw my ex in a resto..we just ignored each other..last night i saw her again with the person she left me with in a different resto..i never made eye contact..but i saw her before i entered the resto an they still looked so happy and very much in love..i guess no contact made her realize she didnt loved still hurts because i love her but i cant do anything about it..i still wish that someday she would come back to me..and that i will wake up from this thing though, it didnt hurt that much as last year..i didnt cry..sometimes i think i dont love her is just the attachment or the feeling of being love that is making me miss her..

      2. Same story here. My bf of 7 years left me because he said he had many things in his mind, he was not sure of he loves me, i wanted to get marry (he said he can offer mw that) and now he is living the life with a great job… the job that i helped to have. After he dumped, 3 months later i just found out that he was seeing another girl from the job WE dreamed… jesus. He does no know that i know what he did. He told me that i was the person who broke the relationship with my mood… i mean, a relationship is build by two…so inmmature. (English is not my native language, sorry for the mistakes).

  13. Hi,
    I was with my ex for 2 years and 9 months… we dated face to face for a year an a half, but he moved away for school so we were at a very long distance relationship.
    I was SOOOO in love, I thought he was too, he was so special, we were making plans for the future, talking about marriage, and I thought (well everyone including his family) that he wanted me and loved me so very much. He was calling me everyday, he send me gifts, he talked to my parents about how good I was to him. Long story short I thought we were meant to be.
    I visited him 15 days ago, we had the most amazing week, and the day I was leaving he confessed that he cheated on me with a girl he met HOURS before I arrived to his city. He broke up with me because apparently he was confused, but we agreed to say on good terms. A week later of no contact, I realized that he unfollow me from social media and that he is saying everyone that he is in love with this new girl he met a week ago.
    I’m broken, I am very angry but also very hurt.
    I don’t understand how he claimed 15 days ago that I was the love of his life and hours after that he cheated, and now he unfollowed me and is dating the new girl.

    1. Need to add: the girl he is seeing lives far away too.
      So If the answer was: he left you and cheated you for her because she is near and he was lacking contact, I kind of get it…
      But they are having right now a long distance relationship too! I don’t know why he cheated and left me after all the love and support I gave him (and all he claimed to give me) for a new girl that is also at a 4 hour plane distance!!!

      1. Hello Mary,

        I’m from India and i was in 9years of relationship
        I recently came to know that she might leave me coz she thinks i earns less and can’t give her the secure future

        She broke my heart I’m all alone and shattered too
        Connect if u wish we can talk and share our problems on
        [email protected]
        Good bless us

  14. I was with an ex boyfriend for almost 3 years. We have went through a lot together from the most hard breaking experiences to nothing but laughs and happiness. I was there for him when no one was there for him. I recently had to ask for a break in the relationship to take time to figure things out and for us to work on ourselves so that we can become better for each other. While on this break I found out he started seeing someone new and eventually started dating. During this time it was very hard for me to accept that he could do such a thing when we would always work things out no matter what. A month later I decided to contact him and let him know how I felt about his new relationship and my thoughts. He admitted that he still loved me so as time went by we decided to work things out but then I found out he lied to me saying that he ended his new relationship. The next day he ignored my calls and messages and found out he got back with her. What I don’t understand is why would he do that to me? Instead of being straight up about his intentions or feelings. I’m going through a hard time trying to figure out all these questions I have.

    1. I was with who I thought was the most amazing girl for 1 year, 10 months and 17 days. We spent 6/7 days of the week together, we did everything together, we couldn’t get enough of each other. But then one night, her plans changed at last minute, I was like “ok, go have fun and be safe. I love you”. Then, it happened again. That’s when I started thinking something was up. Come to find out, for almost 2 months she was hanging out with someone else. She left me, but still tried claiming me as hers and threatening to beat up my rebound. I cut off all contact with her. She went to basic training, and I never expected it but she sent me a letter saying how sorry she was and saying how I was better than the new guy and complaining about him, and saying how she wants me back. She cane back from basic, I thought she had changed but she was still the same girl who left me. She then started lying to me about where she was and what she was doing again and gone to find out, she dated a guy for a week. We got back together maybe a month or two after. But her reasoning for leaving me and dating that other guy was because her cousin didn’t like me and she wanted her to be with those guys. She said she didn’t want to be with them and I always told her “If you truly didn’t want them and actually loved me, you never would’ve done what you did”. She always apologizes then asks if we can talk about something better. The trust issue is crazy, I’ll be fine one day then the next, I’m all… crazy. It’s terrible. But, if she lies to me or cheats or leaves again, she’s going to lose the best thing that’s ever happened to her for good.

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