When Do Girls Start To Miss You After A Breakup?

If you miss your ex and you’re thinking to yourself, “When do girls start to miss you after a breakup,” I may have some good or perhaps not so good news for you.

It really depends on whether you’re looking for hope or just some information.

The truth is that girls start to miss you and think about you when you stop missing them obsessively.

When you no longer empower them and emotionally depend on them for your happiness is when dumpers often miss their relationship with you and the security they had with you.

They basically miss you when you let go of your expectations of them and stop desperately chasing after them.

Sometimes they even come back when you’ve moved on by yourself or with someone else.

That’s because women dumpers can’t miss you if they know you want them more than you need your physiological needs. It simply kills all remaining attraction and helps them detach from you.

It’s truly unfortunate, but that’s just the way attraction works in the breakup world—and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

Today, we’ll talk about the time when girls start to miss you after a breakup and the reasons why they come back.

When do girls start to miss you

When do girls start to miss you after a breakup?

Female dumpers usually check up on you by sending you breadcrumbs—and disappear shortly after you’ve responded.

It’s something they frequently do to alleviate guilt and to reinforce their breakup decision.

And although girls usually don’t miss you right after the breakup, this doesn’t mean that they can’t ever miss you in the future.

After you’ve cut your ex off by following a strong regimen of indefinite no contact, you immediately set the foundation for something peculiar to occur.

Not only do you get to disconnect from your ex and focus on your own life, but your actions and inactions can cause your ex to reappear and crave that special place in your heart again.

Thanks to the power of no contact and the silence that it provides, your ex can basically want that which she can no longer have.

This includes intimacy, love, comfort, care, security, validation, and commitment—as these are the feelings only you can provide.

There is no second you, so theoretically, you’re the only person who can forgive, validate, and empower your ex when she needs it in a moment of weakness.

Here’s when girls start to miss you after the breakup.

Girls start to miss you after the breakup when

Girls start to miss you in a moment of weakness

In order for your ex to require your emotional support and come running back, something bad has to injure your ex first. Something awful like another breakup, depression, or anything that forces your ex to self-reflect.

It really sucks that people have to hit a rough patch for them to think inwardly, but most people just don’t learn unless they’re forced to.

They need to experience a lot of pain and realize they’ve made a mistake the hard way.

And the same goes for your ex.

She probably needs to learn a thing or two by failing miserably first, so give your ex enough time to explore her world.

As much as it hurts, allow her to date others and do whatever her heart desires.

It’s her wish as a free person, after all.

But when she appears out of nowhere and says she misses you, you better be careful about the motives behind your ex’s actions.

The question is, does she truly miss you as a person because she’s made a mistake? Or does your ex expect you to soothe her anxiety and use you once again?

You need to understand that you’re more valuable to your ex than you may think you are.

Only you have the power to take your ex’s pain away almost instantaneously.

And your ex is well aware of that.

She knows that contacting you and getting back together with you is the quickest fix to her distressed emotional state.

As a matter of fact, your ex knows that you don’t even have to try hard to give your ex the empowerment that she’s after.

All you have to do is become your ex’s crutch so that she can rely on you for emotional support, safety, and validation.

How long before she misses me during no contact?

If you want your ex to see you as an emotionally strong person, always take care of your emotional well-being so that you appear strong and independent.

This means you must avoid begging and pleading at all costs as it’s the worst form of disrespect both to yourself as well as to your ex.

Begging, crying, and threatening shows you’re incapable of taking care of yourself, and can coincidentally make your ex feel incredibly guilty for hurting you.

It can make your ex upset, bothered, and even angry at you for not leaving her alone after the breakup.

That’s because she’s emotionally exhausted and just wants you to find someone other than her to annoy.

You need to realize that when you demand love from your ex by force, you send a very insecure, emotionally dependent message to your ex.

You tell her that you can’t be her confident partner who can provide for himself as well as for her family.

And that’s just not the kind of codependency girls find attractive.

You want to convey to your ex that you’re doing great on your own and that you’ll be fine with or without her.

So start by following the rules of no contact immediately—if you haven’t already.

When you do, it will probably take you up to 6 months to hear from your ex—which is just enough to find happiness on your own again.

And remember to go no contact even if you don’t want your ex back and just want her to contact you for ego purposes.

No contact really is the solution to most post-breakup troubles.

What if she doesn’t contact me during no contact?

If your ex doesn’t contact you during no contact, she’s probably happy with the way things are.

Her silence means she’s enjoying her life and might be dating someone else (which is expected of a dumper).

As a dumpee, you need to understand that your ex will eventually start dating someone new even if she says she won’t.

The point of the breakup is for you and your ex to find a more compatible person after all.

So don’t be scared your ex will find someone else during no contact. She most likely will at some point because you know how it is with Tinder and dating apps these days.

From my understanding, girls generally don’t have a problem finding someone to date.

All they need to do is create a dating profile and they get hundreds of guys to choose from.

And even if your ex doesn’t try her luck online, she’ll probably find someone new because she’ll have had enough time and opportunities to explore her world.

So don’t blame yourself if your ex doesn’t contact you during no contact. She’s probably just too busy with herself and others that she hasn’t found a reason to contact you yet.

She doesn’t feel guilty, scared, anxious, bored, and she certainly doesn’t miss you as her partner yet.

So don’t try to force your ex to process the breakup and her thoughts about you faster than she naturally can. It won’t happen even if you perform black magic on her.

Instead, wait for her to reach out on her own terms and you’ll maximize your chances of friendship and reconciliation.

How do I make my ex miss me?

You now know that you can’t make your ex miss you before she becomes receptive to you.

You also know that you can’t make her converse with you through the means of force.

So what can you do to make her miss you faster?

Well, you can’t do anything directly with your ex that suddenly makes your ex have the “what have I done” feeling.

I can tell you that sending her reminders texts, acceptance letters, threats, breaking no contact after 30 days, blocking or playing jealousy games doesn’t work.

And neither does anything that demands her attention.

Nothing works until your ex’s mentality of you changes completely on her own.

For some dumpees, it will and for others it won’t. It really depends on your ex’s surroundings and her personality and thinking patterns.

My ex is too stubborn to contact me

If your ex is open to change and isn’t a stubborn, impulsive person, your ex might eventually let go of your mistakes and converse with you normally.

But if she doesn’t, your ex doesn’t have it in her to forgive and think rationally.

Not everybody has the capacity to change their opinion of others when they are continuously reinforcing their beliefs in a negative way.

And this is what most dumpees don’t understand.

They think that just because they used to know the dumper at her best that they understand her at her worst too.

But this just isn’t the case.

Our romantic partner at his or her best is the person we fall in love with. He or she is the personality we end up admiring and emotionally connecting to.

And if everything works as it should, our partner coincidentally reciprocates our love and gives us a sense of belonging.

As for the person at his or her worst, he or she is the person we preferably don’t want to deal with. We tend to get annoyed, angry, sad, miserable, vengeful, and disrespectful when our partner doesn’t act in consonance with our beliefs.

It happens in every relationship to every person with emotions.

But if your ex specifically made you feel these emotions and didn’t care about hurting you, then you really need to think twice about whether you really want someone like her in your life.

She won’t miss you before she misses her old self

Instead of wondering, “When do girls start to miss you after a breakup,” think about what has to happen to her before she gets to miss you.

What kind of incident has to take place for your ex to start thinking about you in a better light.

Does she have to get in a rebound relationship or date a bunch of men in order for her to realize your worth and let go of her victim mentality?

You know that she won’t just wake up one day and feel nostalgic about you.

Well, theoretically, she could if she dreams about you and starts feeling guilty for hurting you.

Dreams can have that effect on people.

But the odds that she’ll message you only to alleviate her guilt are way higher than they are for her to reconcile with you.

Especially if the breakup is still fresh

So there you have it.

Girls start to miss you after the breakup when you’ve detached from them and let them roam freely for as long as they want to.

Are you afraid your ex won’t ever miss you and contact you? Share your thoughts with us below.

17 thoughts on “When Do Girls Start To Miss You After A Breakup?”

  1. Hi, when me and my ex were together she complained of me not answering her messages when I’m working. I did try my best to return her messages and call when I was free. Or I would tell her that I would call her soon.
    Anyways she got angry about it and said it made her feel uncertain. She also complained I kept things in my mind before I tell her also she said I bring back past issues all time whenever we argue.

    In order for me to solve all this I asked her maybe we need to re-evaluate ourselves and I was wanted ya to work together give ourselves 1 week of space. Meaning we were still together and there was contact but think deeply as we were considering marriage at that time.

    She said if we took that space for one week we should break up.

    I blocked her for resolving this into a break-up instead of talking. Her friend called my phone and asked me to unblock her and reach out to her.

    So we did. Not that I agreed. But she asked me to be good friends with her and she wants contact with me.

    I do miss her. Do you think we still have a chance to get back?

    Thank you.

  2. My ex of 6 months was speaking to her ex boyfriend and this caused trust issues. And she decided to breakup and went back to him. Will she come back.

  3. Hi, I’ve recently broken up with my partner of 5 years, she said her feelings are not as strong for me anymore and she is not “in love with me” just loves me, she thinks we have just grown apart, is there anything I can do to help rekindle and get that spark back? We have 3 children together too.

    1. Hey Daniel. Its time to stop depending on other people for your happiness and instead build your own happiness. If life is so sweet but ends with death, what do you expect another person to do. Time to stop watching netflix all day and hit the gym, wear smartly, interact socially with more girls. Your ex will come crying on her knees when she sees how happy you are without you.

  4. Hi zan um av just broke up with an ex a week ago and shes with another man already wht av herd from her friends is tht he uses women we were together for four years and a still love her but if we could be friends that would have to do

    1. Hey Ryan first of all you seem like a typical jealous guy who feels insecure of a girlfriend having another man. Truth is, she had way more men even the time you guys were dating, but she was looking for a perfect one. So, my advice stop being jealous, dont beg for love, stop being clingy, and let her explore what she loves. As for you…date another girl, show her that you are okay with her going to parties or coming late, give your new girlfriend her space. And she will remain with you, forever. If you need more help contact me at [email protected]

  5. I’m probably the oldest reader on here. My wife has a daughter from a previous marriage. The daughter is 16 years old.
    We broke up because they both wanted to argue with me but I can’t handle arguing let alone with TWO chicks at the same time.
    I’ve been really good with no contact since day 1. We are now on day 60 without contact but this is written during the coronavirus era. I’m wondering if she is just going to hate me forever for abandoning her during this crisis.
    I’m desperately in love with her but as much as I pray she’ll come to her senses… I think her desire to show her daughter “how to treat men” will overrule any thoughts of her breaking the silence.

    1. Hi Wilson.

      I’m not sure how this girl is going to behave some time from now. But if she doesn’t come to her senses, at least you’ll know she doesn’t have the strength to do so.


  6. I’m more worried that she may never find her happiness. I fear she is running out of time. Yes; I do wonder if she’ll ever realize how much I love her and if she’ll reach out again, however more importantly is my deepest desire for her to find joy again.. I love her enough to forfeit my presence in her life if she would just find peace and freedom for her life.. I just want to see her truly happy..it’s all she’s ever wanted.. I would lift her up into the arms of her soulmate and offer them my blessing if it meant she would realize peace. To witness this would make me the luckiest man in the world.

  7. After 8 years in a relationship, it’s been a tough 3 months alone. I miss her everyday and did not do the no contact as fast as I wish I would have. Many hurtful and undeserved things have occured in these 3 months. As much as she has my heart and I’m trying to work on it to reconcile ,shes just in an awkward space of pain and sadness mixed with I think a bit of alleviation. I hope she comes to me soon , if ever. Great read Zan!! Thank you

    1. Hi Dave.

      Stay strong and continue with the no contact rule.

      You’ll either detach from her completely or find happiness within yourself again.

      You’ve got this, dave!

      Best regards,

  8. I deleted my ex girlfriend from my phone and have realized she wanted to break up and I was to leave her alone. I didn’t handle it very well, and my brother passed away in the beginning of the break up I lost myself and I hated her. As time has continued to roll by without her I’ve found it was important for me to respect her decision and I am now in day one of no contact and my sister who is best friends with my ex tells me that she isn’t over me and still in love with me, its been since February 5th 2019 she broke up with me I still love her but I’m not sure what to do. The other day she made eye contact with me and it felt as if she was looking at me for a moment and I felt that I should look away from her because I am still healing and bettering myself, I’m afraid of her using my emotions and feelings to fill her empty space. I’m confused about how to process it, I mean she’s made it clear that I don’t even matter to her I feel it every single time I have to see her. My entire family has adopted her my family and friends are closer to her than me and she didn’t even matter that much to them until she was about to leave me, I wish her happiness and I was not what she wants to me she was my love. I guess I just want to know how to really react to this and the information bout her from my sister. I love her and I didn’t want to see myself without her and I am doing it again I’m trying to let her go like she has made clear.

  9. I haven’t seen my ex for about a year and the last bread crumb was in June. I have been staying in no contact since then. I do think of her from time to time but doubt if I would ever take her back. Something tells me I will hear from her out of the blue, but perhaps that’s wishful thinking. Anyhow in the meantime I am doing quite well. Life is too short to wait around and
    Cater to someone that is selfish. This site has been such a help to me.

  10. Thanks for another great article 💪🏼

    Funny… I am in the end of my “getting over her” phase… and to be honest, it was more important for me to look inwards and learn a ton from this breakup as well.

    Now the ironic part is… that even if she contacts me again (5 breadcrumbs before I put an end to it) I would not accept her right away.

    I will probably go on a date (she is hot as hell) but I’ll look at her with new eyes. If the same red flags come up… then I would not be interested.

    Keep it up people… everybody deserves a partner that is worthy of each other.

    Nice article again ❤️

    1. Funny .my ex is really hot too and she models I think my ego made it harder to let go because I was like ill never get anyone this hot again At the end of the day she’s just another woman and she has a lot of flaws like addiction to weed and drinking too heavily so I probably have more peace now. Once the relationship starting tanking last year she started doing girls nights out and coming home late drunk. She was probably seeking validation from men at bars.
      I too would probably meet up with her but now I’m cynical and think you can’t wife up a woman like that and, at best, would just want sex because the sex was really good

  11. Great read. I begged and pleaded a lot for about 2 weeks after the breakup. We were long distance. She said she was “stressed” and “couldn’t do this right now.” I was stupid and drove 9 hours with flowers to tell her we could work through her stress together. It blew up in my face and I regret it so much. We broke up middle of August. I’ve been in No Contact for about 2 months now. It really sucks, but, I’ve gotten over the bulk of it. I really hope she doesn’t forever think of me as some ex who drove 9 hours to get her back. That’s not who I am, I just wanted to fix everything. Anyway. The last thing I said to her was out of anger. I called her out for leading me on for those two weeks. She kept telling me we could try again someday and it wasn’t an end all be all. She was even hugging and kissing me at one point. She didn’t like that I called her out, so, she told me to “have a nice life.” I’m almost sure i’ll never hear from her again. I hope she realizes one day how selfish she was during and after the relationship. Live and learn

    1. Hi James.

      She doesn’t understand how much she meant to you.

      If she did, she wouldn’t have reacted angrily to you.

      There’s no Changing the past now, so keep moving on, James.

      Perhaps she’ll realize your worth one day, or maybe she won’t.

      You’ll be okay either way.

      Kind regards,

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