Can You Attract Your Ex Back With Law of Attraction

In this article, we’ll discuss whether it’s possible to attract your ex back with the law of attraction. But before we get into more detail, I would like to point out that getting an ex back with the law of attraction means you must first stop obsessing over your ex.

Once you regain your composure, you can then use the laws of the universe to guide you towards your dreams and goals.

For the law of attraction to do its work, post-breakup mistakes must be avoided at all costs.

I’m sure you’re already aware that attraction and desperation don’t go hand in hand, hence why any insecure behavior will only push your ex-partner further away.

In this post, we’ll talk about whether you can attract your ex back with the law of attraction.

Ex back with law of attraction

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction (LOA) is the most powerful law in the universe. LOA states that humans are the creators of the universe and the world around us. Because our thoughts are such a powerful tool, we can affect, change and manifest our surroundings.

With a positive mindset alone, we can achieve many great things—even attract an ex back. There are, however, restrictions to this law.

People have the right to free will, which means we can’t impose our beliefs on them. We might not be able to directly change the way our exes see us—especially after the breakup. We can, however, make a few positive changes to indirectly affect them. And this is where LOA comes in.

The rules of the law of attraction to get your ex back

With the law of attraction, we can manifest love, health, prosperity or anything we desire. LOA works by focusing on what we want and never on what we don’t want.

For example; since we want to get our ex back with this powerful technique, we would say something like: “I want to get my ex back, I’m getting back with my ex, I can feel us getting closer.” We wouldn’t say: “I don’t want to lose my ex” or “I don’t want my ex to forget about me.” The law of attraction doesn’t work with negatives. If you are feeling negative emotions, then negativity is what you are manifesting.

You cannot get your ex back with law of attraction if you are acting out of desperation. There is a huge difference between wanting and needing. The former is a positive demeanor, while the latter portrays obsessive attitude and a lack of control.

Law of attraction cannot be tricked by thinking and wanting something for a few moments and then regressing back to negative behavior. It requires consistency and an incredibly positive attitude towards what you are wishing for. Since you want to get back with your ex, you want to send nothing but positive vibes towards him or her. For starters, get rid of any self-doubt and increase your confidence.

The key is to always express our wants in the present tense as if it is happening right now, as opposed to using a future tense, like: “I will get my ex back.”

How to get your ex back with law of attraction?

Everything in the universe of any shape and form is made of energy. Plants, rocks, items, animals, people, planets are made of molecules that vibrate at a certain frequency. The law of attraction states that like, attracts like. What this means is that you and your ex were once on the same vibrational level. At some point, you matched with the same frequency and stayed on equal wavelength for a while. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, synchronization got disturbed and you disconnected.

ex back with law of attraction energy

Okay, but how do I attract my ex back with law of attraction?

In order for you to attract your ex back with law of attraction, you need to start vibrating at a higher frequency. The higher the frequency you vibrate at, the higher the chances of catching the attention of your ex. There are many ways in which you can increase your vibrational frequency.

You must become aware that your vibrational strength comes from within. That means you have to change how you feel about yourself. This can be achieved by doing the following things:

  • meditating
  • using positive affirmations
  • volunteering
  • helping those in need
  • becoming a happy person
  • doing the things you love
  • correcting your shortcomings
  • caring for the elderly, children, animals
ex back with law of attraction the secret

Many of you have seen The Secret, a documentary movie back from 2006 or perhaps you’ve heard of the book. The idea of The Secret is that we as human beings are capable of achieving anything we set our minds to. We can do so by wishing for something out of wanting with good intentions.

Law of attraction to get your ex back

The more we want to achieve something, the more positive energy we should put into our goals. With the help of strong positive thoughts and dedication, actions follow. Because of all the positivity we put into this idea of reuniting with our ex, we craft a plan and execute it to near perfection. In order to make the law of attraction work, we must let the following laws take place:

  • law of deliberate creation – By deliberately sending our thoughts into the universe, we state exactly what we want. It’s essential for you to continually create the positivity and keep wanting it in a healthy manner.
  • law of allowing – By allowing others to be who they want to be, we accept them for who they are. In order to get your ex back, you must respect his or her free will and never try to oppose it. For this reason, you must allow your ex to say and do what he or she wishes. Your ex has the right to do so as a free person, afterall.


If you attempt visualization too soon after your breakup, you could end up hurting yourself and act out of desperation. Heal properly and get rid of the negativity and desperate longing before you try to get your ex back with law of attraction. It doesn’t matter if your ex is seeing someone else or if he said he doesn’t want to get back with you. If you are talking to your ex or can’t stop stalking him online, it’s probably a good idea to start respecting yourself and your ex by going no-contact. This is absolutely necessary before LOA can do its magic.

ex back with law of attraction and visualization

The trick to visualization is to get into a relaxed state and imagine how great it would feel in this present moment to be together with your ex. You can close your eyes, listen to a relaxing tune and concentrate. Try to remember how you felt when you were in a relationship with your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

Release your positivity into the universe and put emotion into your thoughts. Eliminate all doubt and be assured that getting together with your ex is the right thing to do and not just to make you feel better. Ruminate only about the good things and the joy the relationship brought into your life.

Remember the good times the two of you shared together and how those moments felt. Now that you have a clear image in your mind, imagine a ray of energy traveling from your heart to your ex’s and vice versa. Stay focused on that connection. You and your ex shared an amazing bond in the past. Try to reconnect your hearts by sending out positive energy.


Meditation can be of significant importance when it comes to attracting your ex back with the law of attraction. It’s so prominent because it allows you to reach a state of relaxation much faster. Once you reach that state, meditation will keep you grounded and make you more resistant to disturbances. Start by meditating twice a day for 10 minutes. It will help ease anxiety, depression, sleep and help you feel better overall.

There are many ways to meditate. Here are a few tips that help me:

  • sit on a chair, floor or anywhere comfortable (lotus position or freely)
  • breathe in through your nose slowly for the duration of eight seconds
  • hold your breath for 5 seconds
  • exhale for the duration of 7 seconds
  • key is to focus on the breathing. Feel the air flowing in and out of your lungs
  • calm your mind by staying focused only on meditation

Positive affirmations

Use positive affirmations throughout the day to get rid of any negative emotions, as well as to state that which you want. Convince and explain to yourself why staying positive is good for your well-being and how getting back with your ex is the right choice for you. To get your ex back with law of attraction, you can say the following affirmations:

  • I’m getting back with (name) sooner than expected
  • (name) and I are meant for each other
  • I love my life and the positivity I bring to this world
  • I am grateful for having (name) in my life
  • It feels amazing to have (name) by my side again
  • I can feel (name) connecting with me on a deeper level


Positive affirmations are the best way to staying positive on this journey of attracting your ex back with law of attraction. Affirmations help you stay on the right path in life and prevent you from making any major mistakes.

Start by becoming grateful for everything and anything in your life. This means you should express gratitude for the food you eat, the friends and family you have, your health, education and everything you accomplished so far. Each and every day, show gratitude for having the things and people many don’t have the privilege of having. You can also keep track your karma by writing in your diary. When things get hard, you can always read a few pages to see how far you’ve come.

By being grateful for everything positive in your life on a daily basis, you will inadvertently change your perception of yourself. As time goes on, you will start seeing yourself as a happier and kinder person. Your emotions will start becoming more and more positive and you will begin to attract the positivity around you.

Your thoughts and feelings work in correlation with one another, and can adapt your environment to your liking. When you become the light in the dark and you shine brighter than ever, people are going to notice your radience.

ex back with law of attraction and positivity

Do what makes you happy. Put on some music, tv, go out with friends and change your outlook on life. Positive thinking is much, much stronger than negative thinking. Because it’s so powerful, positivity greatly impacts the process of manifestation.

Write down what you want on a piece of paper or in your personal diary and try not to have any expectations. Don’t be concerned about how you will manifest your ex into your life. When and if it happens, you will be over the breakup. Focus on the positivity instead. Generate those positive feelings and let the law of attraction do its work.

Using the law of attraction to attract your ex back

ex back with law of attraction works like a magnet

One cannot attract that which he is not. If you don’t feel worthy of your ex or you think he or she is prettier, richer or more successful, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Like attracts like, remember? You have first got to change the perception of yourself before you can start attracting others.

You can only attract your ex back with law of attraction if you are confident in yourself and your self-worth. When you are truly content with who you are is when you radiate with positive energy and work like a magnet for like-minded people.

If you keep being your best self, sooner, rather than later your ex will get back in touch with you. The new version of yourself is going to speak for you, hence why you will no longer feel the need to convince your ex to give you another chance. The transformed you will possess a lot of positive energy—which is irresistible to anyone. People really love being around other happy people, and this is what you’re aiming for.

Because you believe you are already together with your ex, you don’t portray neediness or exhibit any negative behavior. Confidence is the most attractive trait, and LOA cannot exist without it.


Telepathy or mind to mind communication works when you completely believe in it. To use it, first relax your body, get in a peaceful state of mind, close your eyes and use all of the techniques mentioned in this article.

By believing telepathy works, you begin to vibrate on a higher level, sending signals throughout the world. Whales use it to communicate with one another, and so can human beings. The human mind is extraordinarily powerful. Some say everything is possible if we use it properly.

As people, we only use 10% of our brain’s capacity and there’s no telling what we can achieve if we tap into our subconscious mind. Scientists believe we can unlock our true potential and take our abilities to the next level with meditation by focusing on our inner selves

So, how do you connect with your ex and make him or her text/call you?

ex back with law of attraction connection

Before you start, as always, make sure you are attracting your ex out of want and not need. Get yourself comfortable and try to relax. Close your eyes and visualize. Think of both of you already together and positively affirm your reasons for using LOA. Listen to subliminal messages on YouTube to help yourself stay calm and imagine a ray of light connecting the two of you. Use your imagination and get creative. The law of attraction has no limits. The more you believe in it, the stronger the results will be.

If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t panic. Give it another go later and focus on your inner being. Make sure you are vibrating at the right frequency by detaching yourself from the outcome.


Remember when I said that getting your ex back with law of attraction has a restriction?

Free will is one of them. You cannot directly change a person’s opinion of you, however, you can immensely influence that individual. Because your ex’s natural self-defense system is online and fully functional, it will take some time before you are able to bypass it.

English, please!?

Exes sometimes become very bitter after the breakup. It may or might not be your fault. Whatever the case, you must respect your ex’s wish to separate from you and bid him or her farewell.

The more logic and reasoning you use, the more damage you cause. Instead, you need to take a step back and consider your ex’s feelings from his or her perspective. An understanding of human psychology is important here, so I urge you to read a little bit about why your ex is angry and about the notorious no contact-rule.

Law of attraction is not working!

LOA always works and the silly part about it is that there is no time limit on when and how your ex will manifest back into your life. How do you know it works, you ask? There’s only one way you know it works, and that’s by not questioning it and self-doubting your decisions. Doubt brings more doubt, which creates negative emotions. Negative emotions strengthen your dubious thinking which makes it work the opposite from your original intent.

Most people that fail at manifesting their exes back into their lives with the law of attraction fail because of impatience. They want things to happen here and now by defying the law of the universe. By being impatient, you send negative thoughts into the universe, asking for negative results. Guess what that does? The universe hears your wish and delivers.

ex back with law of attraction mistakes

Start by paying attention to all the signs you might have missed already. Don’t overanalyze everything. Instead, stay on your path and keep being positive.

What you need to do, is let go of your ex completely. Only when you have detached yourself from your ex and the outcome, is when it’s possible to get your ex back (especially when it comes to LOA).

Stop trying to win him or her back if you are in a desperate state of mind. As hard as it seems, become happy with yourself first. Now is the best time to examine the relationship killers and start fixing them immediately. Your motivation should be over the roof right now, so get out of your comfort zone while the desire to make positive changes is still there.

Getting your ex back with law of attraction makes the journey much easier. You still have to follow the common principles when it comes to getting your ex back, starting with the 30-day no contact rule.

Strive to become the best version of yourself by working on your flaws. All the positive changes you make to your life play a huge role when it comes to getting your ex back. Make yourself as attractive as you can so that when time is right, you and your ex may have another go.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Have you tried getting your ex back with the law of attraction? Comment below.

42 thoughts on “Can You Attract Your Ex Back With Law of Attraction”

  1. Hi ,
    I broke up with my boyfriend 2 month before, he says that he never come again into my life ..He is really such a nice person , he loved me a lot., I don’t wanna lose him. Am using loa for Abt 25 days…hope your article will enhance my confidence and soon I can get him back

  2. Hi Zan,

    Thank you for you article. It really helped me.

    I was in the process of following your guidelines, when I had up speak to my ex and we had an argument as emotions were high.

    Do I have to start the process from the beginning? I know deep down we will be together.


  3. Hi. Thank you so much for this post, makes me feel hopeful and happy.
    Is there a time limit though? If let’s say we broke up 3-5 months ago (I know its a big gap, but it took us 2 months to decide whether or not we are coming back together, then we broke off contact) can LOA still work?

  4. My ex said she sees a future and still wants to be with me and she doesn’t want to give up snachatting, occasionally texting and falling asleep on ft. Im going to do everything I can to be positive but she said if I cut her out she will really walk away. So should I still keep in contact and manifest getting back together with her? Im hopeful and certain we will but not sure what to do about the no contact rule

    1. Hi Molly.

      If it doesn’t hurt you to stay in contact, go ahead and converse with her every now and then. But if you find it hard to bear, cut your ex off and focus on yourself.


  5. Hi Zan.

    I don’t know how much I could thank you for this post.

    One of my college mates seems to have had crush on me during our first year.She always stalks me and likes to talk to me. I could see she was interested in me in beginning. I was topper in class at that time maybe that could have been one of initial sparks for her.

    With passage in time, I also slowly started to develop feelings for her & it attracted her even more. But something changed, I eventually downgraded in my studies & got arrear. I could feel she was something different than before but she helped me a lot in my studies, I scolded didn’t respect her, spoke to her with sore (or) anger tone. But in fact I was loving her sincerely but couldn’t express it in my actions. She was kind to me at first despite all these & was very helpful.

    One day I proposed her from there, things turned downhill she started to ignore me threatened to block me but she didn’t and I am now like an cat & mice game where. one moment she talks to me & then the another she completely ignores me out of her personal life.

    I once heard that she Complained to her friend that I am too good hearted and not mature enough & that if she married me she would regret that she made a mistake in her life.

    Because I am also suffering a lot in work life & my personal Life.

    Pls tell me what should I do. Should let go or else do daily affirmations that such a caring angel like her will love me back & eventually we would be married.

    1. Hi, I think the answer is in your message. If you want to attract someone healthy for you and Keep a good relationship, you need to first focus on yourself. The right person, if its her, will Come back to you no matter what. You have to let go and stop playing a game of uncertainty cause this create a low vibration. You must trust universe has your back. She says you too good hearted and she has doubts ? What about you affirm to her who you are and what you want, and express that you dont like being ignored, that you love her but being ignored Times to Times is not healthy for you. And that you prefer to let go. Its true cause this slowly makes you insecure and not wanted… so this had to stop. Cut the back and forth communication. Go no-contact. Then, you must work and focus on yourself! Dont put all your focus on her. Dont think, dont worry toi much. Focus on you, you said personnal life and work are Bad? Why dont you work on that first….. Do some journaling, manifestation, visualisation about things that will make you better, happier. Change little things step by step. Create a high vibration on your own. Work on your best version of yourself. Once you start to love where you stand, you will be able to manifest that person back with confidence and self-love. You can still when you think of her just feel good, like you wish her the best, that if your love is pure, universe will bring to you. And then focus back on you. You got this.

      Im telling you by taking the step of letting go, expressing that you dont want to play the game of chasing each other, and then you start to work on you and feel good about you. Things will turn around.

  6. Me and my ex broke up 1.5 years ago.
    I tried everything no contact rule and all. On 14th march 2020 ,I messaged him after 6 months . I want to give a last try with law of attraction. Please if anyone has the almost same experience,kindly tell.

    1. We both were in relationship from last 13 yrs….but from last 4 months she don’t want me anymore….I think someone came in her life…but I want her back dear….nd u know what..?? She is jain and I m hindu….still I want her just because I can’t live without her …

  7. Me and my ex broke up 2 months ago, I tried no contact but we still see eachother at school everyday and we have all of our classes togerher. Is the no contact rule still working even though we see eachother everyday? And doesn’t it make it harder to get over him?

  8. Hi,
    Does praying for the ex daily goes hand in hand for the law of attraction? Caz that reminds me of letting go or not and I’m confused about this.
    It’s kind of holding him back or letting it go completely kind of situation. What should i do? Praying for him daily or praying once and then hoping for the best to happen on it’s own?

  9. My situation is my former lover & I dated for 6 months & everything was amazing first 5 months. She became depressed & told me she feels numb etc. NC for 1 month & broke up by ghosting me 2 months ago . She has bad past relationship history & only guy she was with that didn’t lie or cheat on her. I would love have her back in my life & I don’t hate her . I’m assuming Ask,Recieve,believe, & Let go

  10. Dear Zan,

    First, thank you for this great website. I indeed found some solace the last weeks.

    I have one question that is bothering me for a while now, even Eckhart Tolle can’t seem to answer 🙂

    You speak about manifesting your ex back in your life is possible, which is according to what mr. Tolle says too about manifesting. But on the rest of your website, all over it actually, you speak about letting go of hope about getting your partner back, for good reasons as you describe.

    But LOA doesn’t work if you do not believe you already received or shall receive in the future what you are trying to manifest.

    But that would mean going against your advice of having hope…

    Could you please clarify?

    Kind regards,

    Jantine, the Netherlands

    1. Hi Janine.

      Thank you for your questions.

      Law of attraction is not about hoping and crying that you will manifest things and people into your life.

      It’s about being your best self and giving them the freedom to do as they please.

      That which is meant for you will return to you.

      But it will only happen if you detach from them and get on their wavelength.

      Kind regards,

  11. Hi..we broke up 2 months ago…i followed no contact rule for 45 days and then we met at an event…we didnt talk but i texted him to be atleast kind not to ignore each other n behave normally. He agreed to this and then we met in next get together where he talked very normally teasing me like before. Now how should i take this further to get into relationship? I am already manifesting since 2 months…everyday visualising, manifesting, praying and so on. However he didnt initiate a call or a text yet. This makes me worried. Kindly help

  12. Hi,

    I met a lovely man a few months ago, not on a date or anything romantic but just a meeting. He was such a sweet man and I expected to meet him again afterwards and haven’t since. I would really like to attract him back into my life so I can meet him again and get to know him. Is it possible to attract a stranger back into your life?

    1. Hi Cesar.

      It certainly is.

      If your paths are meant to cross, then he’ll unexpectedly return to your life.

      But until that happens, focus on yourself and do the things that make you happy!

      Kind regards,

  13. Hello Zan,
    After 14 months and 4 breakups she blocked me on social media because I kept contacting her when I should not have. Her family and friends know how difficult it was for her to breakup and her pain from me not being the kind of man she wanted to be with. She thought I was it in the beginning. I truly love her but I allowed my fears, doubts and worries to destroy. I know she loves me but doesn’t think our worlds will blend. Is there any hope now of her return when a true love and caring existed before?

    1. Hi Savoi.

      You’ve tried getting your ex back the desperate way and it hasn’t worked.

      Now you have to show some self-respect and leave her alone.

      If it was true love, it wouldn’t have ended this quickly

      So trust me. There’s someone better for you out there.

      Kind regards,

      1. I don’t necessarily believe they are not meant to be. They just stumbled into each others lives at the wrong time. Your reply contradicts what you have wrote Zan… what say ye?

        1. Hi Rachel.

          They are far apart right now as they both want different things. So unless their post-breakup dynamics change big time, they are far better off being on their own. Nothing is more degrading more than chasing after someone who tells you that you’re not the person for him or her.

          Kind regards,

  14. Hello, Its a really good article. I do appreciate it

    I and my ex we broke up 2 weeks ago. We are planning to go to my country in 2weeks.

    Anyway from 2weesk ago, we haven’t contacted each other, we broke up badly ( hurting each other) but we know we love alot.

    Actually I am a big fan of Law of attraction , I have used too much maybe too obsesseed with him.

    anyway, Do i need to think about he and I totally broke up? or still thinking we are connected.. I am confused

    1. Actually,, We already bought the tickets and everything.

      1)But Can i still just not contacting him and go to trip myself?

      also, I really love him. and He loves me too I believe.

      2) But I still think he needs to fix some of his faults… Do you think this idea affect my law of attraction?

    2. Hi Sendina.

      You need to focus on yourself right now.

      Prioritize your healing, well-being, and improvements so that great things can happen to you.

      Kind regards,

  15. Hi, how does the no contact rule go if we are still living together?
    We are civil and have 5 dogs together we decided it would be be okay if I stayed till the beginning of the year so I have time to find a place that I’m completely comfortable living and our lease will be up.
    He has still told me that he loves me but he also has changed a lot and he is out frequently and comes home very late which upsets me but I don’t say anything about it.

    1. Hi Cici.

      It’s pretty simple. Talk about the things that you need to and don’t pester your ex about the breakup. Simply communicate in a polite manner and show him that you respect his decision.

      Kind regards,

  16. My girlfriend and I split 2 months ago
    Any advice on how to detach properly?
    And has anyone had success with this method
    Yes I love and miss her. But I’m determined to become a better person, happier, positive and I’m already working with the LOA. Staying positive affirmations etc… we still have a little contact so should I cut it completely for now ?

    1. Hi Brad.

      If you want to heal completely, cut her off and self-prioritize. It’s the best way for you to become content with yourself again.

      I suggest you have a look at some of the “how to get over your ex” articles.


  17. Hey!

    How do you perform the no-contact rule when still sharing a living space? He is getting his space by staying somewhere else, but there are things coming up that need to be addressed.

    Additionally, we have expensive tickets to go see a comic we both love. We have agreed to still go tomorrow because he doesn’t feel right taking the tickets without me, but they were a gift to us both. Is this an okay idea?
    Do you have tips for how to communicate during this time that don’t leave him feeling bad or pushing him away further?

    I planned to just go and be civil and act as two friends would. Not bringing up any relationship stuff to take the pressure off of the situation. And then continuing the no-contact after?

    Or even waiting to begin no-contact until I have moved into my own place in a month since we kind of have to communicate about certain things?

    1. Hi Ciara.

      Talk to him like a friend.

      And depending on how receptive your ex is during this event, decide whether he still has feelings for you.

      If he doesn’t, it’s indefinite no contact all the way.

      Best regards,

      1. Hi its not letting me post a comment…sorry for posting on a reply. Does it work if we do see each other. We have a child so its kinda regular. But im always optimistic about the two of us getting back together. Hes not so much. And lately i have been kinda needy. So i no i need to stop that. Plus he is seen someone else. We are broke up two years. But we have become realli close again lately.

        1. Hi Melissa.

          I suggest that you keep your hopes low and be the best version of yourself at all times. If there’s anything that guys get attracted to, it’s got to be a cheerful girl with a positive attitude.

          Kind regards,

    1. Read again the article.
      I’m in the same situation (7 years of relationship and she left nothing, this means non of her cloths, phone and so on, only with what she was wearing in that day to another man).
      Telepaticaly you will “speak” with her

  18. Hi Zan,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful article! I will be referring to it again and again as a reminder to stay on track.

    My girlfriend left last October due to a schizophrenic episode. We were working through anxiety and depression issues prior to that. My main goal is to help her get better and help her to feel good about herself and about life. I believe that the relationship will improve as she heals.

    I am writing to you because the mental illness issues might be creating a roadblock. I’ve only recently started using LOA effectively. I had an interesting day recently on her birthday where I was led to her, (my wish was to celebrate her birthday with her). I drive for a living and dispatch sent me to a company just blocks from her mom’s house on her birthday. Something told me to drive over there and she was there! Her mom is in daycare and she was there alone. She didn’t answer the door, so I just told her how I felt about her through the door and left. In the past, she would try to starve herself at her condo and I would have to convince her to stay with me for awhile until she was better.

    I feel a connection that is so strong with her and possibly from her. She has told me that she loves me.

    My wife passed just over 2 years ago, (just 38 years old), and my girlfriend was a friend of hers. I let the passing of my wife go earlier this year and I’m ready to move forward.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

    1. Keep the faith and trust in God that everything is alright with you and your girlfriend. I pray and wish you both well, more blessings to come. Keep moving..

      1. I broke up with my ex cause at the time he came into my life, I just wanted to be alone after series of heartbreak. I really didn’t want to date and I knew dating him wasn’t going to last because I wanted everything that didn’t include him. The result was me not being able to reciprocate his love. I knew if I let him go I’d regret it cause he was really different and I was completely myself with him. However, I wasn’t thinking of getting married because I felt my ex before him was the one.
        Eventually I did break up with him because I knew I wasn’t reciprocating the love he showed me and I knew I wasn’t being fair to him. He refused to let go but did after three years.

        Last year I was on a date and like a match got struck in my head I started thinking of him, as a matter of fact I was convinced I was really in love with him.
        The following day I called him and he came to where I was, I was happy seeing him and there and then u told him I was ready for us to get back together which he doubted cause he knew marriage talks scared me.
        Anyways, we did see the day after and the day after but something was off. I asked and he said he had moved on, I slipped into panic attacks and anxiety attacks, my blood pressure got high and I just lost myself. I thought of him everyday, cried to myself, sent messages, apologized, basically lost my confidence. I saw him severally and i couldn’t believe we had become strangers.
        I struggled to forget him and really move on. I even accepted a proposal from someone 20yrs older but I realize now that I was just desperate. Thank God I cut it off with the older guy.

        Two days ago, I was in his city and I called him, he really wanted to see me, I did and I think I realized something, I was no longer desperate but one thing remained and that was that I really wanted, I really loved him. Our meeting was brief cause I was passing through but he said something, he said I’m looking good, that I lost myself at some point.
        When I was leaving he brought out his hand to shake me but I gave him a hug instead. He asked for a kiss but instead I let him peck me on the cheek. I left feeling happy but I wanted more. The desperate me would have given him that kiss and obsessed about it.

        I had been putting it out in the universe that I want him back and I will get him back.
        I’m glad I found this page and will keep staying positive.

        PS. I have been meeting people but he’s just constantly on my mind. Unlike when I wanted my other exs back, it was more out of the need for validation mixed with depression.

        I have a good feeling about this one.

  19. Thanks for the article, very insightful! One question though – how do you let go and detach while still visualising and believing that you’re back together with your ex?

    1. Hi Georgina.

      Thank you for the comment.

      This is the difficult part. Time plays a huge role in letting go of your ex. Once you’ve convinced yourself that it’s over, your expectations will be significantly lower or inexistent, and that’s the most powerful state to be in.

      Try not to rush it. If you’re still in the early stages of grief, you will just have to wait. There’s no way you can attract anything or anyone in a desperate state.

      Kind regards,

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