How To Tell If A Guy With A Girlfriend Likes You?πŸ€”

Before we shed some light on how to tell if a guy with a girlfriend likes you, we need to make something clear.

We need to mention that just because a guy is happy in a relationship, it doesn’t mean that he’ll stay happy forever.

If he has poor morals and lacks gratitude. he could at some point in time take his partner for granted and develop feelings for someone new. For someone he feels infatuated with, yet knows very little about.

This is because guys don’t understand that bonding (talking, chatting, going out, and flirting with another girl) can be very dangerous for their relationship. It can confuse them and make them wonder which of the two girls is better for them.

Most of the time, they come to the conclusion that the new girl is better because they see only her good points. And that’s because they don’t know how she acts and reacts to arguments, stressors, and difficult situations.

With that said, if you want to know how to tell if a guy with a girlfriend likes you, ask yourself the following questions.

Is the guy in question happy with his girlfriend? Is he making plans with her on a regular basis or is she not a priority?

If you have insight into the guy’s life, you’ll be able to answer these questions with ease and find out if a guy with a girlfriend likes you more than his girlfriend.

But, if you don’t know much about the quality of this guy’s relationship, then you’ll need to do some more digging. You’ll need to observe the guy’s behavior and attitude and find out if he’s being too accommodating to you.

And that’s what we’re going to talk about today. This article is for women who are trying to discern if a guy with a girlfriend likes them.

How to tell if a guy with a girlfriend likes you

How to tell if a guy with a girlfriend likes you?

When a guy with a girlfriend likes you, he’ll make it evident to you that he can’t go very long without texting and calling you. He’ll tell you or show you that you’re frequently on his mind and that he finds your conversations with him emotionally exciting.

This means that finding out if a guy with a girlfriend likes you is fairly simple. You just need to pay attention to how often the guy initiates conversations and how he speaks to you

If he likes you more than just a friend, he will most likely talk to you frequently (as often as he can) and keep the conversations going. This is how he’ll strive to establish a regular communication pattern and get you to like him back.

Here are 10 ways to tell that a guy with a girlfriend likes you.

1)He compliments you a lot

Although not every guy is a smooth talker, many guys still woo a woman they like with words rather than actions. They tell her she looks good, nice, cute, attractiveβ€”and by doing so attempt to make her feel good in her skin.

They figure that if she feels good about her appearance that maybe she’ll become dependent on all sorts of compliments. It’s the oldest trick in the book, but guys with a secret agenda still give it a go.

They do it because they know they can make a girl drop her guard and give her what she want. They just have to play it smart and compliment something she’s good at or lacks confidence in.

So if you’re curious about how to tell if a guy with a girlfriend likes you, look out for flattery. A guy who’s into you will want you to feel good around him so that you can trust him and confide in him.

2)He buys you gifts and takes you places

If a guy with a girlfriend likes you, he could try to buy your love with money. He could buy you cakes, flowers, jewelry, plushies, and tickets to your favorite band.

If he buys you tickets, he’ll probably also get a ticket for himself and say that his girlfriend doesn’t like the band. This is how he’ll invite himself to come with you.

So if you have a guy with a girlfriend buying you things and taking you places, you have one of the best signs that he has feelings for you. He may not realize it, but he probably wants to get to know you better.

3)He wants your attention

Unfortunately, some guys have no shame as they don’t find anything wrong with talking to someone else while they’re in a relationship. To them, all that matters is that they get girls’ attention and feel validated.

Unfortunately, validation is so important to them that they’re willing to sabotage their existing relationship and start a new romantic relationship with someone new.

Guys who do that are called player men. They play with women’s feelings and string them along for ego and entertainment. Needless to say, such men are far from being fully-matured men.

They are adult boys who usually get neglected or abused by parents in their early childhood.

If you have a suspicion that a guy is talking to you for validation purposes (to fill up his ego), it’s obvious that the guy is not relationship material. He hasn’t realized his lackings yet, so he’s likely going to keep using women until something bad happens to him.

I know it can feel great when a guy with a girlfriend hits on you and makes you feel desired, but you have to understand that you’re not the first person he charmed with his skills.

If he’s a confident guy, he’s likely practiced his spiel on many girls.

4)His body language gives him away

Another way to tell that a guy with a girlfriend likes you is by his body language. If he appears overly confident or perhaps shy around you, his body speaks for him.

Your job is to figure out if you’re the only one he appears pretentious, overly confident, or shy around. If you are, you have a sign that he likes you and that he’s trying to impress you.

5)He makes you meet his girlfriend

When criminals commit a crime (let’s say a murder), they oftentimes include themselves in the investigation and present themselves as an ordinary bystander. They do this because they don’t want the police to consider them a suspect, so they show extreme kindness and get as close to the crime scene as possible.

If the guy with a girlfriend likes you and is aware of his wrongdoings, he could also pretend to be innocent.

He could invite you over to his house to meet his girlfriend and by doing so, convey to his girlfriend that she needn’t raise a suspicion – that you’re just a friend.

That’s why you need to look out for any pretentious behavior on his part and discern if the guy is trying to hide his feelings for you.

6)He flirts with you

Some guys flirt to increase their ego and self-esteem and others, to fulfill their emotional and sexual desires.

In either case, they do it because they like it and want more of it.

But when a guy with a girlfriend flirts with you, there’s a whole different story to it. Not only does he find you attractive and likes flirting with you, but he also doesn’t care that his selfish actions hurt his loyal girlfriend.

This is why it’s safe to assume that something’s not right in his relationship and that it’s only a matter of time before he leaves his girlfriend or cheats on her.

I’m not going to tell you what to do, but if you want the best for him, yourself, and his girlfriend, it’s best that you don’t reciprocate his flirting and let their relationship unfold on its own.

Chances are that he’ll come to you and be much more upfront with you when/if his relationship ends. He’ll probably tell you he likes you.

Just don’t expect him to learn much from his cheating and to never cheat again.

7)He goes out of his way for you

When a guy with a girlfriend goes out of his way for you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he likes you and wants to be with you. It could just mean that he’s taking his girlfriend for granted and that he’s treating you better than her.

Over time, this could cause jealousy and trust issues in their relationship. And if things don’t improve afterward, the guy could even run to you for understanding, comfort, and recognition.

Keep in mind that there’s nothing wrong with him being friends with you. But if he’s overly accommodating and prefers to meet up with you alone and without his girlfriend’s awareness, he probably has a secret motive.

One that concerns you and his girlfriend.

8)He wants to go on vacation with you and only you

Another way to tell that a guy with a girlfriend likes you is if he wants to go on vacation with you alone.

This is a clear indication that he wants to spend time with you without other people and factors interfering.

9)He wants to meet your family

Sometimes guys (and girls) become impatient with the person they date or want to date and jump the gun by suggesting that they meet that person’s parents. They do this to get on their good side and gain their approval ahead of time.

In your case, the guy in question could also try to introduce himself to your family. He could try to present himself as a person who can be trusted and respected.

So look out for that.

If you see that he’s eager to meet your family for no apparent reason, raise your guards because he clearly likes you and wants your family to like him too.

10)He smiles and touches you a lot

Smiling is a friendly gesture that shows a person likes you.

But when a guy holds your hands, massages your shoulders, plays with your hair, and pushes you teasingly, he’s doing that because he wants you to enjoy it as much as he does.

He basically wants you to become comfortable with him and for you to return his efforts in similar ways

Here are some of the signs that a guy with a girlfriend likes you.

Ways to tell a guy with a girlfriend likes you

What does it mean when a guy with a girlfriend flirts with you?

A few years ago, I was working for a big telecommunication company and noticed that some guys with girlfriends were flirting with my colleagues during breaks.

Some guys were married and had children and others even had children on the way.

But despite being committed to someone, most guys didn’t seem concerned about their flirting behavior. They didn’t seem to care that they had a person waiting for them at home and that they were going to hurt her when she finds out.

I believe they weren’t very virtuous guys because if they were, they wouldn’t forget their girlfriends and everything they went through with them. They would remember the good times and understand that flirting in a relationship is disgraceful.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget what one of the cheating guys said to the girl he was cheating with. I was sitting right next to them so I heard him clearly.

I wish I didn’t, but his exact words were, “My wife is pregnant, so I can’t have sex with her. I need you for that.”

I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. I presumed the guy and his wife had some problems I didn’t know about, but the fact that he was cheating on a pregnant girl in her late twenties who needed all the support in the world frightened me.

I’ve been cheated on before, so it reminded me how it felt to get betrayed.

I doubt the cheater and his wife are still together today, but if they are, I don’t think he told her about the cheating. He doesn’t strike me as an honest guy.

Anyway, I was working for the company long enough to witness how the cheaters (the girl was also cheating on her boyfriend) slowly developed feelings for each other.

First, they became friends, complimented each other a lot, joked about things, and went out during and after work. They seemed like ordinary friends, so no one suspected a thing.

A week or two later, they developed a bond, became physically closer, and touched each other during conversations. They seemed infatuated with each other (on a best-friend level) and always texted each other during work.

A few weeks into the relationship, they crossed the friendship line and started flrting and kissing.

And finally, not even a month since they’d met, they began to sleep together and started their long-term affair.

So if you still wonder what it means when a guy with a girlfriend flirts with you. let’s just say that it means trouble. It means that the guy is neglecting his girlfriend and that he wants you to replace her.

You may be just a temporary replacement, but you’re still the person he feels the most attracted to.

If you want to make things right, you may want to distance yourself from a taken guy so that you can give their relationship room to breathe. You don’t want to feel responsible for confusing him and ruining his relationship.

I hope you’ve learned how you can tell if a guy with a girlfriend likes you. Let me know what you think.

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  1. It happens too often for the man to be stuck in toxic relationship, where others don’t see the subtle signs of abusive and controlling behavior. Usually women who trash-talk other women fall into that category:. Many men don’t even notice the toll this behavior takes on their mental health, lowering their self esteem, making them believe that they’re unworthy of a better relationship or of anything better in life. So they choose to flirt in order to make themselves feel better.
    Definitely, cheating is not acceptable, however try to understand different perspectives before writing an article. Victim mentality can be very comfortable, but it’s not beneficial in the long term.

    Very sorry you got cheated on, be strong and rest assured that one day you will find someone better for you πŸ™‚

  2. Great article! that it means trouble… and is not current! Maybe because I was the one that I was cheated on.
    So clean the things and do whatever you want after


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