9 Signs A Female Coworker Likes You But Is Hiding It

On average, people spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at work—communicating, working together, and finding common solutions.

Sometimes we talk strictly about work and duties—and other times, about private matters outside of work, such as hobbies, personal goals, and interests.

One thing you need to be aware of is that it’s perfectly normal for coworkers to discuss outside of work-related topics because most of us find joy in getting to know one another.

We love sharing details of our lives and enjoy listening to others’ thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and experiences.

It’s how we get closer to people we associate with—and through talking, sharing, and listening, establish a working relationship with them.

This working relationship oftentimes makes our work a lot more enjoyable than it actually is—and in the process, speeds our perception of time.

As the saying goes, the time flies when you’re having fun is absolutely true.

But before we actually create a friendly, working relationship with someone we like, we must first go through certain attraction phases.

These phases normally hit us out of the blue, below the threshold of consciousness because human beings don’t possess the power to detect an emotional bond when we’re still in the process of developing it.

We may feel attraction, curiosity, and a desire to be respected and appreciated, but other than that, we don’t sense nor create a bond until much later in a new relationship when we drop our defenses and become comfortable in it.

Only when talking to a coworker becomes second nature to us is when we discern that we’ve made a friend or a companion who subtly reflects our core personality traits or interests.

If you think about it for a minute, you’ll realize that this is also the reason why couples cheat in a relationship. They first start talking to someone as “just a friend” until they inadvertently develop feelings for that person and start gravitating toward him or her.

Provided that they lack personal strength, maturity, moral values, and possibly feel victimized on top of that—they then perceive the new person as a more attractive individual and fall out of love with their long-term partner.

So if you’ve met a female coworker who piques your interest, you might be wondering how to know if she likes you. You might also be wondering if her peculiar behavior is proof that she’s into you or if she’s just shy or uncomfortable around you.

To differentiate between shyness and romantic attraction, carefully read through the 9 signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it. When you’ve done that, proceed by analyzing your coworker’s attitude and compare it to the article.

If your coworker truly likes you but is too shy to admit, you’ll likely notice that her body language is sheepish, yet receptive—and that she likes spending every waking moment of her time with you.

You’ll notice signs of attraction.

This article is for men (or women) who are wondering to themselves, “What are the signs that a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.”

Signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

The difference between shyness and attraction

A lot of men develop feelings for a girl at work and find it incredibly difficult to differentiate between a girl’s shyness and attraction.

The curiosity and the wait for the girl to make the first move oftentimes even make guys develop a crush for their coworker and increase their feelings to the point where they feel more attracted to the girl than the girl does to them.

This is something that patience or reluctance on the girls’ side achieves. It essentially creates a mystery cloud around girls and gradually attracts guys who are unsure of girls’ feelings and intentions.

So if you’re not sure whether the girl at work likes you, feels attracted to you, or is infatuated with you, pay close attention to the way this girl behaves around you and others.

If you discern that you’re the only guy at work with whom she appears elated, shy, or overly cautious, this girl clearly has a crush on you.

She’s incredibly self-conscious of her behavior because she values your opinion of her and perceives you as someone who she doesn’t want to disappoint.

That said, let’s now talk about the signs that a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

1)She keeps looking at you

Eye contact (especially frequent and prolonged) is often a sign of attraction. It reveals a person’s point of interest and exhibits how a person feels toward herself as well as others.

You can tell a lot about a person’s thoughts and feelings for you just by looking at someone’s eyes. For starters, you can tell if a person is shy, comfortable speaking to you, or pretentious.

Here’s how.

If a person knows you and feels extremely comfortable around you, she’ll most likely smile and/or greet you when you catch her looking. She might even send positive vibes your way by waving and giving you something positive to think about.

A girl who likes you will essentially try to leave a positive long-lasting impression on you and attempt to make you look her way more often.

On the contrary, if a girl isn’t that open and is slightly shy and self-conscious, then she likely won’t greet you or hold long eye contact with you. She’ll probably divert her attention onto something or someone else the moment you catch her staring just to avoid feeling uncomfortable.

Either way, common/long eye contact from a coworker is usually a good sign. It’s a sign that a female coworker likes you but is hiding it because she’s afraid of making the first move on you.

The reason why eyes are such an important sign is that they are a part of our 21 facial expressions. Just like our mouth and various facial features, eyes also portray attraction as well as our hidden desires.

They speak for themselves and tend to reveal what we want and how we feel.

So to tell what your female coworker feels about you, observe the way she looks at you. If she continues to look at you when you’re working and you notice that she averts her gaze the moment you catch her gazing at you, she’s probably not just shy.

She most likely likes looking at you because she secretly finds you attractive.

2)She touches you

A slightly more subtle sign that a female coworker likes you is if she validates your remarks by touching your head arms hands, legs, or back.

Generally speaking, physical touch in a working relationship implies that she approves of your comments and behavior—and that she feels comfortable enough to non-verbally express to you that she finds you interesting, attractive, or funny.

Maybe even all of the above.

So pay close attention to your coworker’s physical touch and physical distance from you—and remember that if she isn’t interested in you, she’ll likely stay quite far away from you.

She won’t stay far only when she’s working with you or not working with you, but also when you’re talking to face to face.

She’ll have this stranger danger feeling about you and won’t let you very close to her.

Here are 5 physical signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

Physical signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it

3)She’s trying to impress you

One of the most obvious signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it is if a girl is trying her best to impress you.

She could do that by:

  • speaking in an enthusiastic manner
  • telling you about her hobbies, interests, ambitions, responsibilities, or endeavors
  • complimenting you and trying to make you laugh
  • proving to you how good she is at her job
  • and saying anything that requires your validation

If a girl at work looks into your eyes and waits for feedback whenever she’s trying to impress you, you have a sign that your coworker likes you.

You have a sign that your thoughts about her matter to her and that she placed a high value on you.

4)She pays a lot of attention to you

Have you ever been in a group conversation and noticed that two people talk to each other a lot and seem not to pay attention to the rest of the people in the group?

If you have, that’s because those two people had a great connection and put a higher importance on each other than on the rest of the people in the group.

They perceived each other as people with common interests, positioned their feet toward each other, entered their own conversation bubble, and talked about interesting topics.

This occurred because human beings look, talk, and point toward the people they like and enjoy talking to the most.

They may not even realize that they pay a specific person (or multiple people) more attention than others because they naturally drift toward the people that they secretly respect, like, or have a crush on.

Talking to people they like makes them feel good about themselves as it reassures them that their conversationalists understand and/or sympathize with them.

A simple way to test whether a girl at work likes you is to pay attention to her behavior when she’s in a group of people. Wait for someone to tell a joke and observe who she looks at when everyone is laughing.

If you’re the first or the second person she instinctually looks at, this girl wants to impress you by letting you know that she’s fun and carefree.

If you take this into consideration and you notice that your coworker pays attention mainly to you when there are other people around, you have one of the best signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it.

It’s such a great sign because a woman may not feel comfortable verbalizing to you how she feels about you. But her body might give her away.

5)She tries to stay around you as much as possible

If you’re working with a woman and you’re wondering whether she likes you, a great way to confirm your suspicions is to see if she likes spending time with you.

Talk to her about fun, mind-engaging topics and figure out if she seems interested in them.

If she appears elated around you and continues to stretch out conversations, this woman in question clearly enjoys spending time with you. She likes you and can’t get enough of you.

Another way to confirm that she likes you is if you notice that she keeps looking for reasons to stop by your desk all the time. This would indicate that she has a hidden agenda.

An agenda that goes beyond work and impersonal feelings.

Please keep in mind that a girl who likes you could try to get your attention by asking for help or by volunteering to help you. She could do this to spend more time with you and deliberately make you get to know her better.

6)She invites you out

One of the best signs a coworker likes you but is hiding it is your coworker invites you out. This kind of behavior shows that she trusts you and that she wants to see how you perform outside of work when it’s just the two of you.

A good place for her to take you to is a museum, the movies, dinner, or anywhere with fewer coworkers and more random people around.

Of course, she might also hang out with you in a group, but if/when she gets past the initial stage of attraction and genuinely starts to like you, she’s going to want to spend more 1-on-1 quality time with you.

She’s going to become less patient and more direct with her wants, needs, and romantic expectations.

If you notice your coworker taking the initiative and inviting you out, you have one of the best signs that your coworker likes you. It’s such a great sign because it proves that your coworker is trying to take your working relationship to the next level.

7)Constant messaging and texting

Constant communication at work (as well as at home) is a very very good sign of friendship, mutual attraction, and compatibility. Not only that, but it can also be a sign that your coworker likes you but is hiding it.

And that’s because your coworker might not even know that she likes you yet. As we’ve said before, an emotional bond can’t be discovered when it’s still being developed.

This means that your coworker could be feeling pulled toward you without rationally discerning that she likes you.

She might think that you’re a great person, fun, and charming, but she might need more time to drop her defenses around you and feel infatuated with you.

If that’s the case and you like your coworker back, continue to chat and call with her. Eventually, you’ll get to know each other and probably start flirting.

8)She calls you nicknames

If a girl at work calls you (cute) nicknames, you have yet another sign that a female coworker likes you.

And that’s because when a woman calls you by your nickname (or comes up with a nickname for you herself), it usually means two things:

  1. That she respects you and finds you worthy of a nickname.
  2. That she’s comfortable with you and wants to get even closer to you.

It’s usually guys who compliment girls and shower them with pretty nicknames, but sometimes, girls who do that too. The only difference between the two genders is that girls are more emotional and that they usually mean what they say.

9)She asks her colleagues about you

The last sign that a female coworker likes you but is hiding it is when a woman goes the extra mile and talks to her colleagues about you.

By doing so, she tries to dig up all sorts of information about you. This includes your past, personality, relationship status, likes and dislikes, and even the things you don’t excel at.

If you see a woman doing a background check on you, you can be certain she’s doing that for a perfectly good reason. She wants to learn more about you so that she doesn’t get hurt and disappointed if she finds out that you have a wife or if you’re a player.

Consider her talking to your friends and colleagues about you a sign of curiosity and/or self-protection.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the 9 signs a female coworker likes you but is hiding it. If you did and you’d like to share your story, comment below.

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  1. Obviously there are exceptions, but most of the time, the co-worker inherits the emotionally immature, damaged, lying and cheating girlfriend that doesn’t have the morals, values, or integrity to properly communicate with her long term partner about any issues between them. So, while all that new attraction may seem fun and exciting, the clueless co-worker needs to be careful that they are not picking up someone else’s trash. Too many damaged women love to play the victim, twisting stories to suit their purpose and unfortunately too many beta suckers end up falling for it and get screwed down the line.

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